Non-Trivial Quest Game Review

In Non-Trivial Quest, the players are tasked with a very simple objective: answer the questions correctly. While this is to be expected from any trivia game, what makes it unique is that the game was specifically designed to focus non-trivial questions. It is always refreshing to find a game that not only entertains and challenges, but also educates at the same time. This game might very well make you feel like a big dummy, too, but you can blame that on your parents and MTV. Continue reading

LEGO Minotaurus Game Review

In Minotaurus, each player controls three “heroes” who must race to make it to the center of the labyrinth where a secret temple awaits and is their only means of escape! But the dreaded Minotaur also lives in this labyrinth and wants to do nothing more than hunt down the heroes and scare them away! It’s a race to the finish line with a monster hot on the player’s heels! Continue reading

Transformers: Robot Heroes Game Game Review

In this game, one player will take on the role of the brave Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and the other the evil Decepticon leader, Megatron. The players must time their attacks wisely and only press into battle when they believe their enemy is at his weakest, or they are at their strongest. Failure to do so will mean taking damage and loosing the upper hand, quickly. The game balance is a perfect 50/50 split between fun and learning, tactics and strategy, risk and reward! Continue reading

Dixit Game Review

In Dixit, players take turns telling a short story, a description, or even making a sound based on colorful illustrations. This games requires all the players to listen, communicate, be imaginative, and have their wit at the ready. Continue reading

Monza Game Review

In this game, each player takes on the role of a race car driver looking to win the “big race”. While speed might seem like the best answer, any veteran race car driver will tell you that using your head is just as important as using your gas peddle. Racers! Start your engines and buckle up for fun! Continue reading

Order’s Up! Game Review

It’s rush hour at the local diner and that means it’s a mad dash race to be the first to feed all those hungry customers! This game is fun, fast, and will leave you feeling full and satisfied when you push away from your family gaming table. Plus, a bell you can ring as hard as you want! SCORE! Serve me up an extra helping of this goodness and let’s get our game on! Continue reading