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The entire month of October is reserved for those things that go bump in the night and meant to fright. Skeletons are hung, pumpkins are carved, and toilet paper finds itself in trees. Adults enjoy the morbid humor of the holiday and kids go gaga for all the free candy. If you are looking for games that fit the season and the mood, we might have a few suggestions for you.

Games by Type

There are certain things you expect around Halloween. Ghosts, ghouls, blood, guts, and pumpkin pie, for example. Listed here are games by type that might perfectly compliment your decor and choice of mood lighting during this spooky time of year.

Zombie Games

I have a soft spot in my heart for the shambling undead. Zombies are my favorite monster, but even more so around Halloween. Most Zombie games pit a handful of human survivors against a horde of hungry brain-eaters in various states of decay, but not always. Some Zombie games are lighthearted with more than just a touch of macabre humor.

Horror Games

As the game type title suggests, Horror games use supernatural and horror elements in their game play. While I have never seen a game actually scare an individual, these types of games seem to appeal most to players when the moon is full, the Jack-o’-lanterns are lit, and there is just a hint of trepidation in the air. Vampires, werewolves, and slimy things can be found in abundance.

Murder Mystery Games

If supernatural horror doesn’t frighten you, how about we dip into the dark heart of mankind? Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth can all fuel acts of murder. Innocence can become the prey and even a harmless neighbor can be a ruthless killer. These games deal with the macabre, the dark, and the gloomy. Perfect for playing on cold winter nights and dimly lit kitchen tables.

Special Mentions

These games and books do not fall into the typical game types you would associate with Halloween, but most certainly deserve to be played in the month of October.

Candy Grab

Candy is more valuable than gold to a child. Candy can be traded for turns playing videos games, given away as payment for not doing a chore, or simply eaten. It’s because candy is rarely found in the home that Halloween has become such a wonderful event. Candy is given in abundance! But when the holiday is over, the mood in the home turns sour and quiet as each child starts to jealously guard their “precious” candy stockpile.

Mythos ABC

While not a game, this book deserves a special mention. Read about the Great Old Ones, their many servants, and other things best not imagined. From A to Z, this book will drive you insane as you attempt to pronounce some of the names and make you smile thanks to the geek humor. Going mad has never been so much fun!

IGOR: The Mad Scientist’s Lament

A game where players take on the role of a Mad Scientist who is focused on creating devices of great power that can be used for world domination. Unfortunately, the player’s only assistant, Igor, is incompetent. This causes confusion, delay, and lots of fun.

Legends and Lies

Rummy style card game where players compete for points by collecting evidence of strange and legendary creatures. For every fact a player finds, a story published in the tabloids can discredit their findings.

Tricks & Treats

A fun little card games where you and the other players have to divide up your Halloween loot. The intent is to do it fairly (everyone gets the same amount of candy), but you just know that’s not going to happen. You must be sly and attempt to put as much candy as possible in your basket without being caught!

Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom

In this card game, players will be attempting to grow creatures as fast as they can. It’s fun to be a mad scientist!

Monster Café

Players will be challenged to match just the right monstrously horrible dish to the most horrific of silly monsters. If you know your clientele and take good care of them, victory will be yours.

Cthulhu Fluxx

Madness and chaos overflows the table with this Lovecraft themed version of the classic card game, Fluxx. Players can take on the role of either an investigator or a cultist as they attempt to navigate the constantly shifting game that many find maddening.

Go Away Monster!

Sometimes Halloween (or anytime) can be scary for our younger little geeks. Help them learn how to chase away their fears and put monsters in their place!


Not all monsters are bad. In fact, some even need your help! Guide your monster through a maze, but be sure to avoid those traps!

Magician’s Kitchen

Take on the role of a Magician’s apprentice and race to be the first to create a magical bubbling brew in a very large cauldron.

Ghostbusters: The Board Game

What could be more Halloween than ghosts? In this game, you and up to 3 friends get to spook the spooks! Grab your unlicensed nuclear accelerator and get to work!

Quickpick: Island of Monster Masks

Halloween is all about dressing up and masks are often used to complete an outfit. In this game, players are attempting to collect monster masks, but first they must make a monster face to earn it!


Try your hand at hurling curses at friends and family for gaming profit! Every curse you cast will award you points, but every curse you break will award points to your opponents. Expect to step outside your comfort zone, but it’s all in good clean black magic fun.

The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists

While note a game, this book contains great science projects that Parent and Child Geeks can work on together at home. Sadly, instructions on how to create your own monster to terrorize the local villagers was cut by the editor before the book was published.

Pathfinder RPG: Horror Adventures

For those of you looking for frightening fun with your roleplaying groups, look no further than Pathfinder’s material to create a story full of horrific creatures, damsels in various stages of demonic possession, and castles haunted from top to bottom. Remember: don’t be afraid of the dark, but do be afraid of what might be hiding in it.

Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below and recommend a great game for Halloween or whenever a spooky theme is being hungered for.


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