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September plays host to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a festive event where everyone is encouraged to speak like a pirate and even dress like one. Yes, it’s a silly holiday, but one that Geek Society has embraced with open arms. If speaking and dressing like a pirate sounds unappealing, I do have several pirate themed games that might interest you. You can still join in on the fun of the holiday (that really isn’t a holiday) and play some games with your family and crew! Then, when people ask if you observed this freebooting celebration, you can respond with a boisterous “Aye!”

Games by Type

Pirate Games

Treasure hunting, sea robbery, swords, cannons, ships, and swashbuckling are just a few of the pirate’ish themes provided! Most Pirate games focus on the early 20th century variety, but there are also Pirate games set in space and post-apocalyptic wastelands. Not all Pirate games are grim and riddled with violence. There are many family friendly Pirate games perfect for little pirates, too.

Nautical Games

Nautical games focus on ships and the sea. There might be some light pirating to be had, but most of the time it’s all about piloting a ship well enough to reach a safe harbor with goods to sell and fortunes to be made.

Special Mentions

These games do not fall into the typical game types you would associate with pirates, but most certainly deserve to be played in the month of September.

Sheriff of Nottingham

While not a Pirate game, players will have to smuggle goods past the authorities and lie like dogs in hopes of getting away with it. Part of being a pirate is being quick on your feet and being willing to take big risks for even bigger rewards. Fortune favors the bold, but don’t push your luck too far.

Kill the Overlord

When a ship is at sea, the Captain is the highest authority, but that doesn’t always mean they are respected. Crews can mutiny and overthrow the Captain, sometimes tossing them overboard. This game has nothing to do with pirating, but it has everything to do with secretly plotting to overthrow an authority figure before the authorities put an end to you.


If you don’t fancy yourself a pirate at sea, how about a pirate in the sky? This game challenges you to quickly pilot your own airship between dangerous mountains, through thick clouds, and around gun turrets.

Zeppelin Attack!

OK, fine. So you are not satisfied with a game with pirates in the sky that just want a race. No worries. This game is all about pirates in the sky kicking butt. Command your armada and take out your opponents before they do the same to you.

Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below and recommend a great game about pirates!

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