Games by Minimum Age Recommendation

Take a quick look at any toy or game and you’ll see that the manufacturer lists a minimum age. Most of the time, the suggested minimum age is based on safety regulations. For example, you won’t see a game or a toy with components that could be easily swallowed by Baby Geeks with a recommended for ages 2+.

Unfortunately, many make the incorrect assumption that the minimum age is a requirement. This could not be further from the truth. Here at Father Geek, we have observed that Child Geeks can play games competitively that are suggested for players much older than them and Gamer Geeks enjoy games that have a minimum age as low as 4+. In some rare cases, the minimum age is accurate, either based on the game’s difficultly, theme, narrative, illustrations, or components.

Listed here are the manufacturer’s minimum age recommendations. We disagree with the majority. To determine our minimum age suggestions for a game, read the information listed under “The Basics” found on each game review.

Note: We have over 500 games we need to update. Expect the list to grow…