About Brian

Euro Board Game Aficionado, and Father of Two, Brian played many family board games while growing up, but launched a foray into real geek gaming in 4th grade with his exposure to Risk, and then many sessions of Axis & Allies. Gaming in all forms has always been woven into his life with different phases including: video games starting with the Atari 2600, role playing Marvel Super Heroes, launching massive Battletech scenarios, blowing his small amount of bank on Magic: The Gathering, and then finally strategy board games. Settlers of Catan (1997) was his first introduction to the Euro-style game, and he has since been forever hooked. He embarked on a new stage of life in late 2006 with the birth of his first of two boys, and now cherishes the opportunity to learn the game of parenting. His desire is to raise two respectable men who still want to play a game with daddy even when they are father geeks themselves. Brian goes by the handle Vree on Board Game Geek.

Hike Game Review

Hike succeeds at what it is trying to be: a light, family-based game that can be played quickly and keep the attention of little geeks. There are some simple strategies in the game, like at the level of Crazy Eights, but works well for the opportunity of flexibility. This is a good family game to pull out with young kids and help teach the basics of game play, like taking turns, and handling 7 cards. Continue reading

WWE Defining Moments Action Figures Toy Review

While the production quality for these action figures cannot be argued, I am hard-pressed to call it a “kids toy”. These figures are destined to a place in my office where I worked out a pose with the Ultimate Warrior military pressing Randy as he begins his signature move, “The Ultimate Smash” — cuz you know, that’s just awesome. Continue reading