About Nate

Geek, Gamer, Father of Two, and Husband of One (so far), Nate has been a gamer since before he knew the word existed. From his very earliest memories of begging his older sisters to play Monopoly with him, and then crying when they actually made him finish the game, to his moment of Euro game enlightenment with his first play of Settlers of Catan (thanks to Father Geek's own Brian), gaming has always been his first, best, hobby. Now, with children of his own, he finds himself repeating the cycle of begging them to play with him, and then crying when they won't let him quit. He hopes that his daughters grow up to learn the joys of rolling dice, gathering resources, building civilizations, leveling their characters, seeing their enemies flee before them and hearing the lamentations of their women. Nate goes by the handle kungfugeek on Board Game Geek.

Getting Out of Collectible Card Game Hell

A fellow fatherly geek writes to us for advice on how he might safely exit his personal collectible card game Hell. Well, were’ no Virgil, but we think we can help guide this poor soul out with some helpful advice. And no, not a drop of Holy Water or lengthy rituals are necessary. All that is needed is time, patience, and the will to play Candy Land and games about cute little monsters you capture in small plastic balls for a couple of years. Continue reading

GameHouse: A FunPass Membership Review

Digital distribution is the future. There is no doubt about that. The convenience of downloading video games and media over a broadband internet connection, combined with the extremely affordable pricing and staggering number of titles most digital distribution services offer make it a very competitive marketplace. Continue reading

Dragonland Game Review

Dragonland (or Drachenland) is a game where players move around the board to various volcanoes to collect gems, dragon eggs, magical rings, and special power tokens. The game has fantastic components, a decent scoring system that requires set collecting, and rules that require the player to make subtle logical and critical game choices. This makes the game a good introduction to strategy and tactics. All in all, this is a good game, but it does outstay its welcome a little. Continue reading

WorryWoo Monsters: Rue (The Monster of Insecurity) Book/Toy Review

My kids have no shortage of stuffed toys, but they are both asking for more WorryWoos. It’s a combination of cuddly toy, charming characters, and an encouraging story that makes me think that this book and toy combo will be around for a long time. Continue reading

The Omega Virus Game Review

I really enjoy this game, and my kids do, too. The Omega Virus is a paragon of board game production value, through and through. The game is competitive. Only one player can defeat the virus, but if no player manages to do that before the time runs out, everybody loses. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Continue reading

Relationship Tightrope Game Review

This is a light card-based game where players try to maintain a balanced relationship. This game allows for a subtle bluffing element and risk vs. reward. For my little geeks, this is a fun and worthwhile game. As a gamer, I can see the elegant rules and the double-guessing side game. I can honestly say I hope to play this game on a regular basis. Continue reading

Wii Party Video Game Review

This is one of the few Wii games my whole family enjoys. The variety of mini-games and the mercifulness of the main games were intentionally and successfully designed with families in mind. Where other party-style games lost their charm in the first several minutes, Wii Party just seems to get it right. Continue reading

Laser Battle: The Art of Laser Warfare Game Review

Here is a simple and quick game your little geek will understand in about a minute, but that is not meant to imply this is an easy game! Expect challege and fun and lasers! You and your little geek must make smart moves and slight adjustments to win the ultimate battle of laser warfare. Pew! Pew! Pew! Continue reading