Get Bit! Squid Die Game Expansion Review

You can hear the splashing of water and the screams of your fellow castaways as you swim like mad to the rescue boat. You have already been bitten by one of the sharks, but your will to survive and fear drives you on. Ahead of you is the ship and its crew who shout words of encouragement. You pause a moment to catch your breath and scream in terror as you see a giant squid come to the surface. Becoming a pirate was a poor life choice… Continue reading

Dark Horse: Rebels & Rogues Game Expansion Review (prepublished version)

Life in the “Wild West” was tough. There were only two ways to make a living: work the land or cheat the populace. The strong preyed on the weak and the weak banded together to fight the strong. This was a time where fame and infamy were the same thing, and right or wrong was decided at gunpoint. Continue reading

Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro Game Expansion Review

Kumanjaro is a place of endless savannahs and ancient jungles. The Johktari people have called this vast wilderness home since the beginning of time. When the strangers came to their shores, they were at first welcomed as friends. It later became clear that the friendly visitors were selfish invaders, determined to strip the land of its gifts. Now the Johktari fight for their home and to preserve their way of life against an empire set on colonization and control. Continue reading

Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab Game Expansion Review (prepublished version)

After years of toiling away in an undisclosed government lab, you have finally been able to make a name for yourself. Grant money is starting to roll in and you have procured your own lab and staff! As the owner of your own lab, you get to discover even more elements and colleagues in the scientific community are on hand to assist. But the competition has become fiercer! You must strive to be the best in your field or your new lab will have to shut down! Continue reading

Wrong Chemistry: Scientist Game Expansion Review

Oh, sure, it’s fun finding new elements, but sometimes it isn’t the act of discovery that drives a scientist. Sometimes it’s the heat of competition and being recognized as the best of the best of the best…of the best. Now players can team up with a famous scientists to assist in their lab work. Just keep in mind that the extra helping hand is offered only once. Use it wisely to gain the advantage and claim the prize! Continue reading

Mage Wars: Forcemaster vs. Warlord Game Expansion Review

The schools of magic have long attempted to outdo one another, thus the war between the Mages. The arena has been the proving ground of many a young Mage and the end of countless fools. The arena floor is stained by blood, blackened by scorch marks, and littered with the bones of those who were not strong or quick enough to best their foe. It is here that two new Mages have come to prove their might and the strength of their magic, or die trying. Continue reading

Pieces of Eight – Buccaneers Game Expansion Review

Every pirate will eagerly tell you that if a little is good, more is better. This sentiment is the backbone of all that they live and die for. They never have enough rum, gold, or adventure. It drives them into danger and often times rewards them with fortune. Or death. Mostly death. Still, pirate captains are never hurting for volunteers to help man their ships! Continue reading

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City Game Expansion

Rook City coils around the river that cuts it in half like a dark poisonous snake. Its streets are filled with crime and the overworked and underpaid police force are full of crooked cops too burnt out to fight the criminal element that rules the city. But there is also hope. On the roof tops and in the alleys, a secret war is waged between villains and heroes. To the winner will go the heart of the city and its future. A prize both sides intend to win. Continue reading

The Fiasco Companion Book Review

The role-playing game, Fiasco, focuses on storytelling that has some very tragic and hopelessly flawed characters. And while the story the players cooperatively share is most certainly the highlight of the experience, one cannot discount the importance of the character and story development it includes. For those looking to improve their game play experience, a companion is available to help guide them in strange new directions! Continue reading

Mines of Khurgan Dungeon Crawler Game Expansion Review

The mine was abandoned generations ago. Once, it was a source of great wealth and prosperity for the people of Keldorn, but that was then and the past has fallen into legend. The mines now belong to dark things that scurry in the shadows and avoid the light. None venture into the mine anymore except the very brave or the very stupid. Those who have returned do not speak of what they found. Continue reading

Mage Wars Core Spell Tome Game Expansion Review

As the very air around you sizzles and snaps with spent magical energy, you cannot help but admire your opponent from afar. They have done well and have been more than a match for your cunning. For every spell you have used, they have countered. An observer would think you beaten, bested by your opponent’s spells. But you smile to yourself knowing you are far from conquered. Time to use your opponent’s spells against him! Continue reading