Plunder: A Pirate’s Life Game Review

Pirates and the life of a privateer have been romanticized over the years making it seem that such a trade was full of adventure, treasure, and bold deeds. It was for some. For most, it was a life of hardship, danger, and sickness. I bet you won’t see a Disney film like that and thankfully, you don’t need to truly relive it, either. It’s fun and can be exciting to imagine what it would be like to own a ship, a crew, and have an unquenchable desire for gold. In this game, you get to live out that fantasy by leading a small armada, finding treasure, and sending your enemies to the bottom of the sea. Continue reading

Pirates of Gold Cove Game Review

Captain Samuel Bellamy (also known as”Black Sam” Bellamy), an English pirate who operated in the early 18th century, said, “Nations rob the poor under the cover of law. Pirates plunder the rich under the cover of their own courage!” In this game, you’ll play as a pirate captain with your crew in search of treasure! The goal is to be as rich as possible, but don’t let the lure of gold make you blind. Play your cards smart, and Lady Luck might smile upon you. Continue reading

Smash Up: The Bigger Geekier Box Expansion Review

English writer, H.G. Wells, said “The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.” For many lovers of board games who have many titles on their multiple shelves (me included), the ongoing crisis is storage. Individual games, no problem. Games with expansions? Many expansions? How the heck do we keep the core game and its expansions in one place? AEG, the publishers of Smash Up, have a BIG solution. Continue reading

Aether Captains Game Review (prepublished version)

The difference between good and evil is based on perspective. The Empire views the sky pirates as a plague that threatens life and property. From the sky pirates’ perspective, the Empire is a ruthless dictatorship bent on repressing the people. Only one thing is for certain and mutually agreed upon. The skies above Arkady are worth fighting and dying for. Continue reading

Scuttle! Game Review (prepublished version)

When it comes to gold, pirates will do anything. “Risk it all to take it all” is the pirates’ motto. They’ll jump through fire to grab a gold piece and sail to unknown shores to find more. A pirate counts their worth not by deeds, but by the weight of their treasure. In this game, a player wins by simply being the richest, but that is not an easy task when surrounded by pirates. Continue reading

Pack O Games (Set 2) Game Review (prepublished version)

When you imagine a game full of depth, tactics, and strategy, a game with many bits that is stored in a box most likely comes to mind. But what if a game could be no bigger than a stick of gum and still provide you with everything you crave from larger games? Impossible you say? Then prepare to be amazed as I show you how a game small in stature plays like a giant at the gaming table. Continue reading

Pirate Den Game Review

Characters Jack Sparrow and Mr. Gibbs from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl were fond of saying “Take what you can; give nothing back.” That is exactly the goal in this game. A clever pirate captain knows that luck is as fickle as the sea, but only fools wouldn’t risk it all for wealth. Continue reading

Dead Men Tell No Tales Game Review

The cursed ship, Skelit’s Revenge, is crewed by the undead. This ship sails the seven seas looting ships and adding to their crew, leaving few survivors to tell the tale. Your captain is obsessed with finding the Skelit’s Revenge and taking her. You don’t know the captain’s reasons, but the promise of unbelievable wealth is all you need. The risk, however, might be greater than the reward. Continue reading

Dozen Doubloons Game Review

When it comes to boarding a ship and taking its plunder, every pirate knows their job. The captain commands and the crew obeys. When the stolen booty is aboard and the ship is safely at sea, the real danger begins. Pirates love their treasure and will do anything to keep it. Rather than have his crew fight among themselves, the captain has his men divide the loot by playing cards. Pull up a chair and come claim your share! Continue reading

Cargo: Dead in the Water Game Review (prepublished version)

American writer George William Curtis said, “It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.” In this game, players will command a fleet of ships that will traverse the Atlantic ocean in search of goods to buy and sell for profit. But the journey is treacherous, filled with pirates and cutthroat competition. Skillful sailing will win the day, but so will cannon fire. Continue reading

Exploit! Game Review

There has been no wind for almost 3 weeks and the pirate crew is becoming more wrestles and unruly by the day. Fights are breaking out and friends are turning into enemies. Supplies are low and there is talk of mutiny. If you want to survive this voyage you’ll need to make certain you remove anyone who might get in your way before they remove you. Continue reading

Dead Man’s Draw Game Review

A pirate’s life is not exciting the majority of time. It’s mostly work and boredom. Long sea voyages with little to look at but the horizon and nothing to do but find creative ways to kill time. One such way is to risk everything you’ve earned in a game of chance. You could lose it all or gain even more than you thought possible. It all comes down to a single flip of a card… Continue reading