Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City Game Expansion

Rook City coils around the river that cuts it in half like a dark poisonous snake. Its streets are filled with crime and the overworked and underpaid police force are full of crooked cops too burnt out to fight the criminal element that rules the city. But there is also hope. On the roof tops and in the alleys, a secret war is waged between villains and heroes. To the winner will go the heart of the city and its future. A prize both sides intend to win. Continue reading

The Fiasco Companion Book Review

The role-playing game, Fiasco, focuses on storytelling that has some very tragic and hopelessly flawed characters. And while the story the players cooperatively share is most certainly the highlight of the experience, one cannot discount the importance of the character and story development it includes. For those looking to improve their game play experience, a companion is available to help guide them in strange new directions! Continue reading

Mines of Khurgan Dungeon Crawler Game Expansion Review

The mine was abandoned generations ago. Once, it was a source of great wealth and prosperity for the people of Keldorn, but that was then and the past has fallen into legend. The mines now belong to dark things that scurry in the shadows and avoid the light. None venture into the mine anymore except the very brave or the very stupid. Those who have returned do not speak of what they found. Continue reading

Mage Wars Core Spell Tome Game Expansion Review

As the very air around you sizzles and snaps with spent magical energy, you cannot help but admire your opponent from afar. They have done well and have been more than a match for your cunning. For every spell you have used, they have countered. An observer would think you beaten, bested by your opponent’s spells. But you smile to yourself knowing you are far from conquered. Time to use your opponent’s spells against him! Continue reading

Art Deco: Lost Cousins Game Expansion Review

“STOP!” yells a voice from the back of the room. The entire family turns to look at two individuals who have just interrupted the lawyer’s reading of your Great Aunt Hattie’s Will. “The Will you are reading is incorrect! I have here an amendment sent to me no less than a week ago!” The strange man hands a letter to the lawyer, who looks it over with a furrowed brow. “I see,” says the lawyer. “So we are to believe you are long-lost relatives?” Great. More family… Continue reading

Reverse Charades: Holiday Edition Game Expansion Review

Now you can play a rousing game of Reverse Charades and be festive with the season! This jolly expansion introduces new words to challenge the players that cover Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years Eve, and even the secular holiday bash known as Festivus. Not a single holiday trope is left untouched! Gather the family and ring in the New Year or help bolster the Holiday Spirit with this celebratory game expansion. Continue reading

Reverse Charades: Sports Edition Game Expansion Review

Sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about the “Big Game”. It consumes your thoughts at work, at the kitchen table, and even your dreams. If this sounds familiar, consider yourself a “Sports Fan”. Now you can take your enthusiasm and zealot like fanatical love for sports to a whole new level by acting out famous athletes, sports equipment, and sports-themed songs! And on a personal note, it is awesome to see Curling included as a “sport”! Continue reading

Dicey Curves: DANGER! Game Expansion Review

Tired of being passed all the time or outdistanced, a few racers have become more aggressive in their driving. Some thought it was dangerous and unsportsmanlike. The race officials, however, thought it was perfect. Now an aggressive foot on the gas could be evenly matched with an aggressive hand on the wheel. Victory is given to the driver who not only drove the track better than their opponents, but avoided its dangers, too. Start your engines, tighten those safety belts, and check your helmets! It’s going to be a bumpy ride! Continue reading

Reverse Charades: Girls’ Night In Edition Game Expansion Review

When the boys are away the girls will play…charades. Well, not just any charades, Reverse Charades with their very own game expansion that challenges the ladies to act out topics that are tailored for players of the female persuasion. Hilarity will ensue as teams have to act out, as a group, plucking eyebrows, scrapbooking, and a trip to the gynecologist. Hurray! Gross! Yeah! Party! Continue reading

Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs Game Expansion Review

Many welcomed the news that rich deposits of oil were found on the island nation of Catan. With the discovery of such a valuable resource under the feet of Catan’s populace, many believed that a new age of prosperity was at hand. Soon the drilling began and small towns seemed to spring up over night, followed by cities, and then Catan’s first metropolis appeared. Oil did indeed bring wealth, but it also brought environmental problems. The level of pollution levels rose significantly and signs of flooding soon began to appear. Now the citizens of Catan must balance their needs and their wants to obtain victory or risk suffering unspeakable ruin. Continue reading

Heroes & Capitols Game Expansion Review

The small island nation of Catan is no longer a footnote on the maps of the world. The men and women who have tilled the soil and farmed its lands have brought forth a bounty large enough to support a growing population and a healthy economy rivaling those of its larger neighboring nations. But it was not through the work of farmers and ranchers alone that raised a handful of colonies into a thriving world power. Scattered among the towns and cities are monuments to the heroes who lead the people and protected them through trials and tribulations. Now you have a chance to relive these epic tales and breath new life into long-lost legends of old. Continue reading

Revolution!: The Palace Game Expansion Review

The revolution continues and spreads in the hearts and minds of the people and now from town to city. The secret war for dominance and control has a new battle ground and new players. Within the Palace is the center of the government and the most coveted of individuals to vie for support. If you have the Royals as friends, your cause will certainly be made all the easier. Continue reading