The Offbits Product Review

Henri Bergson said, “There is no greater joy than that of feeling oneself a creator. The triumph of life is expressed by creation.” Be it paintings, sculptures, music, movies, or dance, we create something not from nothing, but from pieces of ourselves. Feelings, fears, and hopes can all be blended and presented for others to perceive and ponder. Using The Offbits, the individual is asked to do one simple thing: create. But creation is more than just rearranging bits. It’s also an act of self-exploration. Continue reading

FOLD Puzzle Game Review

It’s nice to take a break from board, dice, and card games and engage our minds with a puzzle or two. One could argue that puzzles are just like games, since the player is attempting to meet an objective. And like board, card, and dice games, the means to achieve the objective is right in front of you. The path to obtain it is not always clear, however. Unless you are playing Candy Land. In which case, just keep moving forward, kids. Continue reading

Transformers Construct-Bots Toy Review

Ever since the mid 1980’s, I have been fascinated with the Transformers. As a child, I played with them for countless hours, acting out epic wars with my brothers and friends. As a parent, I get to play with the “robots in disguise” with my little geeks. Throughout the years, I have seen many Transformers introduced to the market. Sometimes I like them, but oftentimes dismiss them as garbage. I’m curious to see how the newest bots on the block will fare… Continue reading

Paradox Box Toy Review

Some say that “Life” is a mystery and a puzzle to solve. Some say that you’ll never understand the opposite sex, as they are an enigma. I have even heard some state that the hardest riddle is the United States tax code. Regardless of what form the puzzle might take, there is no denying that the Human Mind loves a good puzzler. Perhaps it’s in our DNA to seek out difficulty and challenges to overcome. Or, maybe we are gluttons for punishment. Either way, this puzzle cube will intrigue and infuriate you. Continue reading

Tobbles Toy Review

Despite being in my late 30′ s (and, yes, I do find my age to be slightly depressing – thanks for asking), I still play with blocks. Although, these blocks are now LEGOs and I’m creating 3D marvels the likes of which Zeus has not seen. The simple pleasure of building, stacking, and putting things together started the very first time I put two blocks on top of each other as a child. Note I said “blocks”. Kids today, since they live in the “future”, get to play with spheres. Continue reading

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predaking Toy Review

Thought to be extinct and nothing more than Cybertronian legend, the Decepticons have found fossil remains of dragons! Using their technology, they have secured enough fragments to clone the mythical beasts and enlist them into the Decepticon ranks. Now Optimus Prime and his brave Autobots must not only fight the Decepticons, but a living nightmare, as well! The Autobots will never sleep again once Predaking arrives! Continue reading

Star Wars Fighter Pods Toy Review

Star Wars Fighter Pods, spanning all six films and the animated Clone Wars, is comprised of sets of micro-sized miniatures and plastic “pods” that open to hold one miniature within. From a toy perspective, clearly they are a hit with the little geeks. From the Parent Geek perspective, I greatly appreciate the time and attention put into the miniatures and the wide variety of characters included. Continue reading

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Toy Review

Little ones will enjoy these toys for several reasons. First, moving parts always intrigue children. With the vehicle mode, geeklings will be able to roll and crash their way to discovery. Second, with the robot mode, they will enjoy playacting and storytelling. If you relish your own memories of the Transformers, these toys are a simple way to pass on your Cybertronian love. Continue reading

WWE FlexForce Figure and Colossal Crashdown Arena Toy Review

Recreate your favorite moves with the highly flexible and durable WWE FlexForce superstar action figures! And while you are at it, send them into the Colossal Crashdown Arena for some on and off the ropes action. But we warned! The arena could come smashing down on the wrestlers and end any title matches! Man! Wrestlers have dangerous jobs! Continue reading

WWE Rumbler Figure and Rumble Rig Toy Review

Get down on the floor with your little geeks and get ready to have some fun with the super small WWE Rumblers! These super stylized action figures have exaggerated poses and embody the most over the top characteristics of the WWE Superstar they represent. Then get ready to rumble and tumble with the Rumble Rig! A big truck that transforms into a wrestling ring! The life of professional wrestlers seems very exciting… Continue reading