Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Toy Review

By John Chovan
Guest Contributor

The Basics:

  • For ages 3 and up
  • No choking hazards for 3 and up (Transformers Robots)
  • Possible choking hazards for Human Helpers and Playsets

Geek Skills:

  • Active Listening & Communication
  • Hand/Eye Coordination & Dexterity
  • Cooperative & Team Play
  • Imagination

Learning Curve

  • Child – Easy
  • Adult – Easy

Theme & Narrative:

  • Children and adults can save the world together using basic Transformers


  • Gamer Geek not applicable
  • Parent Geek approved!
  • Child Geek approved!


For those of you who revel in your 1980’s Transformers geekdom, but have had to sulkily shuffle away from the toy section of your favorite store because you have toddlers, prepare to rejoice! Playskool Heroes now has a line of Transformer toys which will enable you to once again lead the Autobots into action, this time with your little geeks in tow!

The Rescue Bots series sort of incorporates a Sesame Street’esque feel in that you can also purchase human helpers for each of the bots. The human helpers have two modes (of course) and allow for the human to attach to the specified Transformer or for stand-alone play if you don’t have the Transformer Rescue Bots.

Walker Cleveland and Rescue Saw

The Transformer Rescue Bot series includes Optimus Prime (semi), Bumblebee (sports car), Heatwave (fire engine), Chase (police car), Boulder (construction bulldozer), and Blades (helicopter). These toys are designed for ages 3+ (the plus means you get to play, too!).

Bumblebee (top) and Optimus Prime (bottom) in robot and vehicle mode

Finally, there is a Fire Station and Rescue Garage that look like Optimus Prime (Fire Station) and Bumblebee (Garage). The Garage comes with a Bumblebee and his human helper, whereas the Fire station comes with Heatwave and his human helper.

Transformers Heroes Optimus Prime Fire Station Playset

For those of you who want to expand your Heroes collection into different realms, keep an eye out for Marvel Super Hero Adventures and Star Wars Jedi Force toys in the same vein as the Transformers.


Little ones will enjoy these toys for several reasons. First, moving parts always intrigue children. With the vehicle mode, geeklings will be able to roll and crash their way to discovery. Second, with the robot mode, they will enjoy playacting and storytelling. If you relish your own memories of the Transformers, these toys are a simple way to pass on your Cybertronian love.

Final Word

I often try to make up stories about the Transformer characters for my sons  (I have quite a few of the discontinued PVC Robot Heroes as well), which has led to many funny stories being told by my 3-year-old about how Optimus and Bumblebee became friends, are angry with each other, and other various friendship ordeals. With a little bit of background knowledge, my sons have become true Transformers geeks.

Having purchased a few of these for myself…, I mean “for my sons”, I am happy to report that they pass muster. The robots are very simple to transform and engage little geeklets’ hand/eye coordination.

In terms of playing with the toys, my little geeks enjoy the transforming aspect the best. So far, both Optimus and Bumblebee have been transformed dozens of times and they are holding up well. Even though the toys are made of plastic, they have managed to survive the beatings often inflicted by a 3 and 2-year-old quite well.

For the bots, the transformation is basically a three-step process to change from robot to vehicle. Since the average Transformer now requires a doctorate in engineering to change from one mode to another, it is nice to see a simple push/pull system in place with these toys.

Another Geek Generation is introduced and falls in love with the awesomeness that is Transformers...

On a somewhat negative note, Optimus Prime’s head does make for a headache in my experience. When changing him into vehicle mode, his head needs to be pushed down, but the latch which holds down his head is pretty puny. When my little geeks transform him, it often pops back up. This means you will most likely have your little geeks asking you to please put Optimus’ head down many, many, many times. You would think that Playskool would have consulted Vector Sigma before implementing such an annoying design flaw.

Overall, these toys do an excellent job of blending simplicity with Transformer technology and won’t cost you too much Energon or tax your wallet. Recommended for geeks, both young and old!


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5 Responses to Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Toy Review

  1. Deborah west says:

    LoL my son is 30 and play with the original Transformers. I still have ALL of them including the little black panther that turn in to a cassette? Wow cannot believe these toys came back. Now my grandsons age 3 and 2 are playing with these Rescue Bots and love them!! But we can’t find Boulder in our area 🙁 maybe we find him soon and Blades also!!

    • Cyrus says:

      Little Blank Panther Guy? Ah!Savage! Or as I fondly remember him, Soundwave’s most trusted agent!

      Have you looked on or other online stores for the missing Rescue Bots? Odds are you can find a store without much trouble.

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  3. Brandy says:

    We can’t find heatwave anywhere. My son has the other 5. Would playskool be discontinuing the line? Was it hard for you to find them all?

    • Cyrus says:

      Difficulty finding a product in stores doesn’t necessarily mean the line is being discontinued. I suggest you look online for the elusive Heatwave. Good luck!

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