Don’t Spill the Beans Game Review

This is a very easy game and doesn’t require any reading, memorization, or math skills to play. This makes it a perfect distraction for your youngest children and a great way to introduce them to logical decision making and risk vs. reward. Plus, with some slight modifications, the game can become much more interesting. Continue reading

iPad – a Toy for Adults or Children?

Do not read on if you are expecting a comprehensive, original or unbiased perspective on the iPad; there is no shortage of iPad reviews to be found elsewhere, even on the narrower issues of its worth as a board gaming platform and its suitability for young children. Mine is a highly personal perspective, your mileage may vary. Continue reading

Gulo Gulo Game Review

This is a dexterity game with a distinct advantage for young children: small fingers are a definite plus! Each player attempts to move his colored plastic piece (a figure that resembles a polar bear more than a wolverine) forward by extracting from its nest a wooden egg of a specific color. Continue reading

Chicken Cha Cha Cha Game Review

Chicken Cha Cha Cha is a memory game in which wooden chickens (one per player), bearing tail-feathers (initially one per chicken), move around a circular path (comprised of 24 spaces, each bearing one of 12 images). In order to move one space forward, a player must select from another 12 face-down tiles, choosing the one whose image matches the space they wish to move into. Continue reading

Enuk (the Eskimo) Game Review

I first saw this game at the Australian Games Expo in Canberra in January 2010, and purchased it on the advice of a demonstrator at the Rio Grande Games booth. (I feel obliged to buy at least one children’s game whenever I attend a gaming convention.) Several months later, we continue to play this regularly: a push-your-luck filler game in which it helps to have a good memory! Continue reading