About Frank

Father of One, and Husband of One, Frank was introduced to wargames at the innocent age of 13, and had a share in his first subscription to SPI’s Strategy and Tactics magazine within a few months later. After only a year or two, he had been introduced to Basic Dungeon’s and Dragons, and played some form of fantasy role-playing from then through college. Discovering hobby boardgames in 2007, he now explores them with his 14-year-old son, their Boy Scout troop, and his regular gaming group. He teaches Chess to elementary students after school, too! Prior to joining the Father Geek Staff, Frank wrote for his own blog, Zwischenzug, where he expressed his belief that all games are educational games in some manner. His experiences have taught him that board games create friendships, build families, and teach social and other important skills to little ones. He is dedicated to helping families and friends find great family games and casual games to play. Frank can be found on Board Game Geek as feldmafx.

Pizza Box Football Game Review

This game is easy to grasp, set up and play. It feels like football, so it’s a great game for Child, Parent, and Gamer Geeks who love the sport. I have owned this game for a few years, and played it with my son when he was younger, and played with adults re-enacting the Super Bowl. Continue reading

Chess: The Perfect Little Geek Gift

Chess is the Game of Geeks, or the Game of Kings; I always get that mixed up. Whatever the game is, Chess is one of the best ways to improve critical thinking in children. Chess teaches logic, which directly impacts a child’s performance in schools. Studies repeatedly confirm this fact. Kids who play Chess get better grades; it’s that simple. Continue reading

The Scout Motto for Gamers

A little over a year ago, when I had my own web site, I wrote about the games I always have with me in the car. I took an old Backgammon set we had and filled the empty space with 7 games available to play at a moments notice. As times goes on, the contents of my little gamer’s travel kit continues to change. I do my best to live by the Scout Motto which has made playing games a possibility anytime, anywhere. Continue reading

A Personal Contest

It’s been a few weeks since I have written an article. This is primarily due to being “off the grid” for a couple of weeks in the middle of July. I devoted this time to being a father, and to a contest, or rather a challenge, that wasn’t a game. It was, however, about teamwork, cooperation, and accomplishment. Continue reading

In the Company of Teen Werewolves

Killing time on a long bus ride with teenagers can be tedious, but not when you have father geeks riding with you. Downtime is game time! Let’s play Werewolf! I think the teenagers enjoyed having a couple of “old people” in the game and they certainly made us feel welcome. Funny though, being an adult immediately makes you a suspicious character! Continue reading

Best Way to Store Games?

Bob S., a reader of Father Geek, has sent us a question asking if we can offer any suggestions on how to best store games. Is there a best way to store games? Perhaps, but when you take into consideration space, collection size, and personal preference to how a game should or should not be stored, there is no single good answer. But we do have suggestions! Continue reading

Hey! That’s My Fish Game Review

Hey, That’s My Fish! (or, H!TMF) is a very simple game to learn. In reality, it is an abstract game, with perfect information. As such, it would provide a great stepping stone for games such as Chess. Take a look past the “cuteness” and you’ll find a vicious little abstract that plays up to four people in 20 minutes! I’m all over that! Continue reading

Adventures in Scouting: Board Games

Last year, I wrote about our Scout Troop’s weekend in Angola, IN, on Zwischenzug. This is probably the most popular trip of the year. There is some overlap between Geek Culture and Boy Scouting, and this is leads to Scouts and gaming being a natural combination. This year was no exception, however the games changed from last year. Continue reading

Starring John Wayne as Professor Dumbledoor

Fantasy is the new western. The guys in the black hats have been replaced by the army with black clouds overhead. But is all this fantasy stuff really good for kids? I will state emphatically that it is! Just as I learned from westerns a thing or two about honor and fighting for your beliefs against seemingly insurmountable odds, my son has learned the same from fantasy. Continue reading