Monsters and Maidens Game Review

Maidens are under contractual agreement to be captured by monsters no less than 5 times per year. This coincides with the monster’s labor union bylaws (subsection “F”) that guarantees each monster no fewer than 10 maiden abductions every 2 years, give or take a maiden. Heroes, however, have no such contractual agreement and have long since fought the idea of unionization. This, as you might have guessed, causes a bit of friction. The heroes, being free agents, seldom care to adhere to the standardization set many years ago. Maidens don’t seem to mind much, but the monsters are getting pretty fed up. Continue reading

The Last Zombie

After the zombie invasion, humanity had a pickle of a problem. Zombies are really hard to destroy, making it necessary to keep them all on a remote island in order to keep everyone safe. From time to time, teenagers and thrill seekers would travel to the island, jump the fences, avoid the security guards, and drop into the zombie pits. Once there, they would play a game… Continue reading

City of Gears Game Review

It was to be known as the City of Gears. A city powered by steam and a dream to advance the human race. Robot workers would maintain the city as its human occupants looked on in wonderment at the technical marvels it contained. Sadly, the inventor of this great city parishes before it could open its doors to the world. It’s now up to you, a collection of inventors, entrepreneurs, and opportunists, to finish the work that was started. Bring the city to life, and if possible, take full credit for all the work. Continue reading

Runecast Game Review (prepublished version)

You lived a life of adventure and danger. As expected, you died young, but with honor. Songs are sung of your deeds and you feast for eternity in the halls of Valhalla. But there is trouble in Midgard and Loki’s mad mind is causing chaos and havoc. Odin himself has sent you back to Midgard to fight Loki’s minions and bring order to the world. You might have the blessings of the gods, but such trivial flatteries are nothing to a good blade. Continue reading

Genegrafter Game Review

Evolution is dependent on variants. A slight change to a gene here or a DNA strand there, and you have a different version of the norm. Sometimes these variants can result in beneficial mutations that help a species survive. In some very rare cases, it can elevate a species beyond anything we can imagine. There are those among us who are almost human. They fight for what they believe in or what you tell them to believe in. Lead your army of the strange to rule the world. Continue reading

9-Shooter Quick Draw Game Review (prepublished version)

The desert sun beats down on you with intense heat, but that’s not why you’re sweating. No less than 50 yards in front of you stands your adversary. Through narrow gulches and dry stream beds, you have chased each other for what feels like a lifetime. Now, in this sleepy border town, the chase will end. One of you will live to see tomorrow, while the other will be in the cemetery before nightfall. Flexing your fingers and taking a deep breath, you prepare for what is to come and what might or might not follow. Continue reading

Mars Attacks: The Dice Game Review

We have looked up at the stars for generations wondering what awaited us in the vacuum of space. We have sent satellites and radio signals into the blackness in hopes that someone would respond. When someone did, we were overjoyed and our leaders made plans. We now stand ready to embark on a great adventure! Our mission is clear: Conquer Earth! Continue reading

Zogar’s Gaze Game Review

Only the very brave or the very stupid venture into the Black Mountains. It’s an accursed place, inhabited by monsters, cutthroats, and the enigmatic warlock, Zogar. If it weren’t for the rumors of vast treasure troves and arcane knowledge, none would venture to this bleak land. Many leave seeking glory, power, and riches, but few are ever seen again. Those who do return have a haunted look about them and they speak little of the horrors they have seen. Despite everyone’s advice, you now set off to meet Zogar’s challenges. For fame and glory! Continue reading

Island Siege Game Review

The voyage to the New World was fraught with danger and death. When the colonists arrived, they thought the worst was behind them. They were wrong. They are now under attack and they must quickly build forts with strong walls to protect their homes and lives. These are dangerous and desperate times and it’s up to you to lead your colonist. Victory can only be obtained through military or economic might. Choose your path. Continue reading

Gem Traders Game Review

Johnny Lingo, a fictional character in a short film with the same title, said “The more you’re willing to pay, the more valuable the prize. The question is: Are you willing to pay the price?” Players will be tasked to collect certain “gems”, but the value of each is different for every player. What looks to be of great value to one person is worthless to another. The real question is, are you willing to pay more to get something of less value simply to win the game? Continue reading

Dig Down Dwarf Game Review

To anyone but a dwarf, a pile of dirt is worthless. Dwarves know better. A pile of dirt represents endless possibilities! Gold, gems, and other precious items could be just below the dirt’s surface. Dwarves work hard to obtain their riches, but no matter how much wealth they gather, a dwarf is always looking to pocket more. Some would call this greed, but dwarves simply consider this to be a strong work ethic. Continue reading

Grablin Game Review

No one said getting rich was easy, but they never said anything about dying either. The job sounded simple enough: rush into the dungeon, grab the treasure, and rush out again. You thought the “rushing” part was included because your employer wanted the job done fast. Little did you know that you would be running away from monsters. Oh, well. Another day, another dollar. Continue reading