Brewin’ USA Game Review

The beer market has entered an exciting new time of exploration and discovery. The masses crave new tastes and styles to challenge their taste buds and enhance their self-esteem. You are a crafter of fine brews and see a great deal of opportunity. Get the right ingredients to make the perfect beer and then carefully market it to reap wealth and prestige. Victory goes to the shrewdest. Continue reading

Stir Fry Eighteen Game Review

It has been said, by some (not me, per se), that cooking is an art form. Others will tell you that it’s a science. Still there are a few that will tell you to skip the whole cooking thing and just order off the menu. Whatever your preference and belief, it cannot be argued that cooking is a process that is one part creativity and one part chaos. In this game, what you make of chaos is based on creative card plays. Continue reading

Marshmallow Fight! Game Review

The primary ingredient of the modern-day marshmallow comes from the plant Althaea officinalis, which grows – yes you guessed it – near and around marshes. The ancient Egyptians used the mallow from the plant to cure scratchy throats and to make candies as offerings to their gods. Today we mostly roast them. In this game, players will eat, throw, toss, and chuck their marshmallows. The Egyptian gods would be most pleased… Continue reading

Blend Off! Game Review (prepublished version)

It was a slow night at the diner. The night manager was about to tell everyone to close up, when a bus filled with high school students stopped near the entrance. Out pours a small army of kids who are hungry for just one thing: a smoothie. The diner comes to life and the blenders are plugged in. The goal is simple: make as many orders as you can, as fast as you can, without messing up. Continue reading

Raid the Pantry Game Review

Austrian-born American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and occasional actor, Wolfgang Puck, said “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” In this game, there are only so many ingredients to go around and dishes to make. Cook fast and cook smart to taste victory. Continue reading

Monster Chef Game Review

The Japanese television show, Iron Chef, fused together the art of culinary cuisine and flamboyant theatrics. The end result was a competition that mixed food and creativity. The winner was the chef who could cook the fastest and the best. The same applies in this game. To be the best monster chef, you need to be handy in and out of the kitchen. Continue reading

Candy Grab Game Review

I remember jealously guarding my Halloween candy when I was a child. I would stash little caches of sugary goodness behind the couch, in my closet, and underneath my bed. I’m sure my mom thought I was crazy, but candy can be more precious than gold to a child. In this game, candy is the only thing you’ll be after, too. Continue reading

Bad Beets Game Review

I remember cauliflower being the worst thing in the world. I would scream and cry at the dinner table when it was served. Yeah, I was a great kid. My mom would cover it in sauces, melted cheese, and even attempted to hide it. No matter how hard she tried, my cauliflower always ended up on the floor. In this game, you’ll be doing the same, but don’t get caught! Continue reading

Foodfighters Game Review (prepublished version)

James Grover Thurber, a celebrated cartoonist, author, journalist, and playwright, wrote “The most dangerous food is wedding cake.” I wonder what he would say if he ever came face-to-face with a piece of broccoli holding a spear or a murderous slice of bacon! In this game, the players get to experience a food fight on a whole new level. Continue reading

Just Desserts Game Review

Financial journalist and author B.C. Forbes said “Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert.” Dessert is often seen as the “reward” for finishing a meal and used as leverage by parents around the globe to motivate their children to eat their dinner. In this game, you will be tasked to serve desserts to a collection of finicky guests. The trick to satisfying each guest’s sweet tooth is in the cards. Continue reading

Order Up Game Review

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay said, “Kitchens are run on emotions. I may get upset. But the most important thing is, it’s not personal.” That might very well be, but when emotions run hot, the orders start flying in, and chaos erupts, a kitchen becomes a pressure cooker. In this game, all the players are attempting to get orders out the door as fast as they can, but there are only so many plates of ingredients to be had. The player who works the fastest and is the most aggressive will win, but don’t expect to make many friends along the way. Continue reading

Foodtown Throwdown Game Review (prepublished version)

Restaurants are nice, but the real cuisine comes from the side-window of a food truck. These entrepreneurs-on-wheels serve the best tacos, salads, soups, burgers, and kabobs in town. Best of all, they push the limits, fussing together new tastes to create extraordinary dishes that no restaurant chef would dare. The only problem is competition. Everyone with a vehicle and a grill thinks that they can be a food truck hero. Well, you aim to prove them wrong. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Continue reading