Vampire Empire Game Review

It began with the disappearance of a child. Some blamed wolves while others suggested the child just wandered off. But you know better. The city is full of secret places and dark alcoves where evil waits to pounce on the innocent. The old castle that overlooks the city might hold friends who can help you or the very fiends you are attempting to kill. You must be smart to survive and the prey you hunt have survived for hundreds of years. Continue reading

Anathema Game Review

Salem was built upon the bedrock of religious doctrine that was riddled with cracks of intolerance, superstition, and ignorance. When fear and panic swept through the community in the 1600’s, mass hysteria debased unjustly accused individuals to a level parallel to demons and witches. What some called purification is now known to be murder. A formal curse by a religious leader is called an “anathema”. If we let our fears rule us, we are truly cursed creatures who are forever lost in shadow. Continue reading

Stak Bots Game Review

The “Great Bickering” began with a simple question: “Why?” From there, every Bot generated their own opinion and every opinion was judged via a simple boolean algorithm. Camps were quickly formed, comprised of like-minded Bots who thought along the same code parameters. It quickly became apparent that compiling “differently” was dangerous. Skirmishes turned into battles and battles into wars. Join the fight and help your side of the argument win! Continue reading

Monster Café Game Review

You always dreamed of opening your own place and serving your clientele the very freshest of meals. Finally, after years of hard work, you have realized your dream and opened your very own restaurant! But your dream quickly became a nightmare when all your customers were monsters! Literally! Oh, well. No one said the restaurant business was easy and never forget: the customer is always right, no matter how wrong their order is. Continue reading

Clubs Game Review

My parents told me to never step on others to elevate myself or to steal for personal gain. Ironically, that is exactly what you must do in card games. Especially climbing games, where you must out play your opponents using their last play as your springboard. Stealing is also necessary, as taking cards from others is the only way to earn points. Charles Lamb once said, “cards are war, in disguise of a sport.” If that is true (and it is), get ready for a fight with clubs. Continue reading

Spare Parts: The Game of Undead Army Building Game Review

When you told your peers at the university that you could reanimate dead flesh, they called you a “fraud” and “mad”. Mad? FRAUD?! You’ll show them! You’ve gathered all the supplies and equipment you need to build your own army of the undead. When complete, you’ll take over the world. That’ll show ’em who’s mad! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Continue reading

Emu Ranchers Game Review

Traditional ranching is so “yesterday”. The economy is ready for risk taking entrepreneurs (such as yourself) to blaze new trails into the lands of agribusiness! The emu, an ugly flightless bird with legs and claws strong enough to take down an armored lion, is your ticket to wealth! The only problem is that emus are exceedingly picky. If you raise them right, you stand to gain a lot. Raise them wrong and you’re sure to meet with economic disaster. Good luck! Continue reading

NOVUS Game Review (prepublished version)

Peace and prosperity was delivered across the galaxy through the space lanes. Ideas and resources were exchanged and cultures benefited from each other. There was no “mine” back then, only “ours”. That time has passed. When the space lanes collapsed, so too did intergalactic civilization. Now the individual systems and planets are alone in the endless vacuum of space and cutoff. Reason and logic have been replaced by panic and fear. Now is your time to rise and restore order at any cost. Continue reading

Boomtown Tycoon Game Review

When you heard that gold was found in the ground, it was like someone kicked a hornet’s nest in your head. Your mind was abuzz with excitement and dreams of wealth! You quickly made your plans and went out West. Once you got there, however, you realized there was much more to gold mining than you knew. You must be business savvy, organized, and lucky. Oh, well, no millionaire was made in a day. Best get started because that gold isn’t going to mine itself! Continue reading

My Happy Farm Game Review

A number of farms are self-sustaining enterprises. Farming families will plant food to feed themselves and their livestock. Their livestock, in turn, will provide eggs, milk, and meat. New seeds will be planted and new livestock will be born. The success of a farm is based on the farming family’s hard work and sacrifice. In this way, a farm is run like a company with every person and animal playing an essential role. Let’s see how good a farmer you are! Continue reading

Enter the Arena Game Review (prepublished version)

Spectators say it’s the roar of the crowd that drives the combatants into bloody rages. Scholars suggests that the brutality of man comes from the will to survive at all costs. Whatever the reason, death reigns supreme in the arena. Blood cakes the sand and the crowds scream in excitement and horror. You are now in the middle of the arena and it’s time to put on a show. Fight well and you might yet live to see the sunset. Continue reading

RARRR!! Game Review (prepublished version)

They came from the deep oceans, the fiery core of the Earth, and from the cold reaches of outer space. They are taller than buildings, capable of great destruction, and you get to control them. They are the Daikaiju and they know only one thing: battle! Take control of your monster and travel the world to see exotic lands and then destroy them. In the end, the most powerful monster will rule all! Continue reading