Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro Game Expansion Review

Kumanjaro is a place of endless savannahs and ancient jungles. The Johktari people have called this vast wilderness home since the beginning of time. When the strangers came to their shores, they were at first welcomed as friends. It later became clear that the friendly visitors were selfish invaders, determined to strip the land of its gifts. Now the Johktari fight for their home and to preserve their way of life against an empire set on colonization and control. Continue reading

Belle of the Ball Game Review (prepublished version)

To socialites, it’s very important to be seen at the right time, at the right place, wearing the right apparel. Just as important is who you are seen with. When it comes time to organize a large social gathering, getting the best caterer is just as important as getting the right guests. In this game, you must compete with other socialites to claim people of importance in hopes of creating the perfect party. The stakes could not be higher. Everyone of importance is watching and gossiping. Continue reading

Fluxx: The Board Game Review

It’s in our nature to attempt to control the uncontrollable. It’s a hopeless venture. We define and categorize the unexplainable, create rules that can be broken, and lie to ourselves to create new truths. One could say this is a rather bleak way to look at things, but I find it fascinating. How else can one navigate the tempest to obtain control without first defining their place in the chaotic maelstrom? In this game, chaos is an agent of change and a path to victory. Continue reading

Wig Out! Game Review

We all want to be unique individuals, despite also wanting to fit in. How can we standout while at the same time wrap the warm protective arms of the status quo about our shoulders? It’s a conundrum, but not entirely impossible. In today’s age, fashion tends to be the medium in which an individual celebrates their individuality. Be it clothes, fragrance, and even hairstyles. But uniqueness can be drowned out by the masses and attempting to recognize one person in a sea of faces is darn tough. Continue reading

Noble Blood Game Review (prepublished version)

The great City by the river sleeps as the stars above it twinkle like a thousand torches. But all is not quiet. Moving from shadow to shadow are the undead and they are hungry. These vampires search for blood to feed upon to sustain their existence. The humans are powerless to fight off the hungry vampires, but the great City only has so many necks to bite. The Vampire Lords must fiercely compete for the one resource that matters most: noble blood. Continue reading

Tessen Game Review (prepublished version)

For generations, the great clans have fought. Unrest and lawlessness soon followed in the wake of the constant violence. The Shogun was furious and called the leaders of the clans to attend him. He proposed a trial of wits and skill that would pit the clans’ best against each other. To the victor would go the Shogun’s favor. Honor bound, the clans sheathed their swords, but their ancient feud was far from over. Continue reading

Slapshot Game Review

The air is cool and the ice is smooth. All around you scream the fans and before you sits your team. They look up to you, their Team Manager, and wait for your words of wisdom before taking the ice. You have worked hard to create the best team possible, trading players and drafting new ones. A quick look at the opposite team tells you they think they have the advantage, but a game is not won until it’s played. And, baby, you can play a mean game of ice hockey. Continue reading

Fire and Flora Game Review (prepublished version)

If you walk outside your house, you’ll see plants in abundance. Most people just see a “tree” or a “flower”, but someone who is active in the ecological management of the land sees more. They see a thriving population of native plants or a land being invaded by an enemy. In this game, you take on the role of an ecologist who’s in charge of tending to the natural landscape and helping it thrive, while at the same time protecting it from damgers both foreign and natural. Continue reading

Save the Zoo Game Review

You have finally landed your dream job! When you accepted the position as a zookeeper, you were excited for the adventure that was before you. Little did you know that the adventure would quickly turn into a nightmare. Overnight, the animals have escaped and no one knew about it until AFTER the zoo opened and patrons were in the park! Now you have to scramble to save the zoo by capturing the animals while simultaneously keeping the patrons happy and safe! Continue reading

Bad Neighbors Game Review

It was bound to happen. When the Zombie-Alien-Demon-Vampire Apocalypse erupted, your family was prepared for the worst. What you didn’t count on, ironically, was your neighborhood. The biggest threat is not the giant undead half-demon munching on your grandmother. Rather, it’s your neighbors who are quietly spying on you from behind closed curtains. This game is all about the survival of the fittest in the suburbs. Lock, load, and live! Continue reading

Argh! Game Review

The nondescript island is barely a scratch on your nautical maps. If one were to glance quickly, many would mistake the mark as nothing more than a small stain. But you know better. The little island has no name, but it’s known by a select few as “Plunder Island”. There, buried in the white sand, are riches beyond imagine. You have gathered the wealth with the help of others, but now it’s time to claim the riches for your own! Continue reading

Paperback Game Review (prepublished version)

The idea of being a novelist has always been alluring to me. I romantically dream of a life full of literature, sweater vests, and luncheons with poets and other writers. Conversations would be deep and meaningful as we sipped our expensive coffees. In reality, being a successful writer means lots of long hours, rejection letters, and moments of pure panic as you struggle to write. In this game, players will get to experience the trials and tribulations that come with attempting to write the next great novel! Continue reading