Royals Game Review

William Shakespeare wrote “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” If that’s true, then you’ll be doing the current monarch a favor by removing it. In fact, that’s exactly what you plan to do, but you cannot do it alone. To gain power and eventual dominance at court, you’ll need followers to publicly back you. Behind closed doors, you’ll need to deal with schemers and rouges. If you keep your wits about you, the crown could be yours! Continue reading

Four Tribes Game Review

It’s a time of war, famine, and death. You have fought hard, but to no avail. Victory remains elusive, but there is hope. If you could win the favor of the village elders who control key routes along a river used for trade, you could control the flow of goods and resources used by your foes. Turning your army to the north, you make haste to the river. Your spies have informed you that your enemy plans the same tactics and only one can win. Continue reading

Of Dungeons Deep Game Review

What is it about a deep and dark dungeon full of nasty monsters that appeals to a hero? Is it the promise of treasure? The thrill of action? The glory to be gained? Or do heroes explore a dungeon’s depth simply because “it’s there”? Whatever the reason, heroes have been venturing into dungeons since the first tales were told. What is not told by the storytellers is that a hero’s best ally could also be their worst foe. Watch your back in the darkness… Continue reading

Railroads Game Review

Supply and demand is an easy concept to grasp. If a person wants something, they are willing to pay for it. Being profitable is the real trick. To be successful, you must keep track of trends and anticipate wants and needs. If you do it right, you can make a lot of money. Do it wrong and you can lose everything. In this game, knowing your market is the key to success! All aboard the money train! Continue reading

BraveRats Game Review

The Rat King is dead! Long live the Rat King! But without an heir to the throne, the kingdom is now in turmoil. Old insults and slights are being remembered among the clans, rekindling old feuds. All agree that the Kingdom of the Rats needs a leader, but who should lead? The two strongest clans both want the Rat Throne for themselves, but it will not be won by words. Fight for your clan’s honor and ultimate rule! Continue reading

Thorn and Rose Game Review

The old woods around your village were once peaceful, considered by many to be very beautiful. Now it’s a dark and twisted place, reflecting the evil that occupies its center. Sickness runs rampant in your village and you’re determined to save your friends and family. It’s rumored that the Blood Rose, a flower with curative powers, can be found in the woods. With torch in hand and a steadfast heart, you enter into the thorns and briers in search of hope. Continue reading

Ruckus: The Goblin Army Game Review (prepublished version)

To be a goblin means two things. First, you’re blessed with the inability to truly understand or appreciate danger. Some would consider this a fault, but goblins consider themselves to be very brave. Second, goblins have wonderful kings who tell them what to do. For example, charge a dragon. Having such wise leaders means goblins don’t have to think much, which is good, because thinking hurts. Get ready to lead your goblins to victory and certain chaos. Continue reading

Tricked-Out Hero Game Review (prepublished version)

Josh Billings said, “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” In this tick taking trump card game, your hero will live or perish based on how well you play your cards. Winning or loosing a trick could mean the difference between epic loot or a messy death. Fantasy meets trump in this card game that pits your wits against monsters and your opponents! Continue reading

The Upside Game Review

Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” In this game of outrageous misfortune, every player is asked to be an opportunist to the extreme. The worst possible situation you can imagine is about to be presented. The goal is simple: flip difficulty into opportunity. Not an easy task. Sometimes finding the upside is an uphill struggle, but well worth the effort. Continue reading

Pretty Ugly Game Review (prepublished version)

The pursuit of beauty is often in the opposite direction of truth. We cover wrinkles, hide bulges, and cake ourselves with chemicals in hopes of becoming beautiful to others. Some have made a career out of defining “beauty”. Others have dedicated their lives to obtain it. Both groups quickly learn that what is pleasing to the eye today will be shunned tomorrow, making the pursuit of beauty a pretty ugly experience. Continue reading

Zombi Final Game Review

You’ve always kept one step ahead of the undead masses that have overrun the city. Survival has been your only goal and you’ve managed to stay alive so far without incident. But your luck has officially run out and you now find yourself surrounded. Taking a deep breath, you tell yourself you can survive this if you just keep your cool. Of course, it would help if you had more ammo, but let’s try to stay positive here. Continue reading

WordSmith Game Review

To write is to create substance out of nothingness. Painters use colors, sculptures use clay, and writers use words. A writer’s canvas is the mind of the reader and their paint is pure emotion. To be a wordsmith is to be a creator of visions and ideas. A single word or sentence can stir the imagination of an individual and rouse nations to war. And it all begins with a single letter that turns the gears of change and destiny. Continue reading