Argh! Game Review

The nondescript island is barely a scratch on your nautical maps. If one were to glance quickly, many would mistake the mark as nothing more than a small stain. But you know better. The little island has no name, but it’s known by a select few as “Plunder Island”. There, buried in the white sand, are riches beyond imagine. You have gathered the wealth with the help of others, but now it’s time to claim the riches for your own! Continue reading

Paperback Game Review (prepublished version)

The idea of being a novelist has always been alluring to me. I romantically dream of a life full of literature, sweater vests, and luncheons with poets and other writers. Conversations would be deep and meaningful as we sipped our expensive coffees. In reality, being a successful writer means lots of long hours, rejection letters, and moments of pure panic as you struggle to write. In this game, players will get to experience the trials and tribulations that come with attempting to write the next great novel! Continue reading

Matching Lions Game Review

The African Savanna is teaming with life. Large herds of animals wander from one watering hole to the next and prides of lions rest on rocks or hunt in the tall grass. Every animal has its place in the wide open space and every animal has a purpose. Some eat the grass and some eat the grass eaters. And then there is the hyena, who is the “jerk” of the wild. But even the hyena has a role to play, as do the players of this game. Continue reading

Tricks & Treats Game Review

What a great night of Trick or Treating! You and your friends have gathered a GIANT HAUL of candy and now make ready to eat yourself sick. Not so fast, say your parents. This year is going to be different. All the candy is going to be divided equally. To be fair, everyone will be assigned a secret basket and all the candy will be distributed one piece at a time. Little do your parents realize that you know how to cheat the system. All is fair in love, war, and candy! Continue reading

Weather Wars Game Review (prepublished version)

The Guzunganator is a technical marvel! With just a twist of a dial, summer can become winter or rain can give way to a sunny day. For the two partners who created it, Nigel the Frozen Zookeeper and Sun Tree Moon the Organic Farmer, the weather machine is the result of years of study, effort, and sacrifice. Now that they have it, there is just one little problem: neither of the two want to share it with the other! There greed and selfishness has now stated a war. Continue reading

Smash Up Game Review

The premise of Smash Up is pretty simple. Take two of the eight Faction decks (that represent iconic heroes of geek culture) and shuffle them together to create a 40 card deck. Use Minions and Actions from that deck to attack and destroy the Bases before your opponent’s do. The faster you destroy a Base, the more Victory Points you earn. The first player to accumulate 15 Victory Points wins the game. Quick. Easy. Fun. Approved! Continue reading

Pieces of Eight – Buccaneers Game Expansion Review

Every pirate will eagerly tell you that if a little is good, more is better. This sentiment is the backbone of all that they live and die for. They never have enough rum, gold, or adventure. It drives them into danger and often times rewards them with fortune. Or death. Mostly death. Still, pirate captains are never hurting for volunteers to help man their ships! Continue reading

Pieces of Eight Deluxe Edition Game Review

Every pirate captain’s wish is to earn enough gold to retire. Preferably before they lose a limb, or worse yet, are captured and hung. Be they men or women, these pirate captains know that there is much risk in their daring ventures, but the rewards are too tempting to ignore. If they get enough gold and make a big enough name for themselves, they can retire to a life of luxury. Death at sea is just one of the many risks they are willing to take! Continue reading

What’s Your Cosmo Game System Review

Spelling and math collide in this deck of 100 unique cards. This is not a game, but a game system that invites players to sit down and enjoy a variety of games that will challenge the mind. Big letters and small numbers make the cards easy to read and to identify for the Child Geeks, but the games included are fun for the whole family. With an open invite to create new games, budding game designers can use the cards to create endless fun. Continue reading

Trifecta Game Review

In some tribal warrior societies, endemic warfare was present. A constant and subtle war between two opposing forces with no grand battles or epic assaults. Warriors faced off and engaged in ritualistic battles that would always result in a winner and a loser, but very rarely ever left anyone badly hurt. In Trifecta, two players will engage in battle and jockey for position, as each player attempts to subtly gain an advantage over the other. Continue reading

OXYGIN Game Review

One of the many miraculous abilities of the human mind is to create order from chaos. We can take a 5000 piece puzzle and put it together, we can look at strings of numbers and determine a pattern, and we can look at a hand of cards with random letters to create words. It’s our ability to reason that has allowed us to go to the Moon, avoid being eaten by tigers, and to invent games we can play with the whole family. Continue reading

Paper Route Game Review

Some see it as a rite of passage. Others see it as a whole lot of work for not much pay. Regardless of the position you take, the job of a paperboy or girl is a big first step into the adult world of responsibility. You have to wake-up early, collect the papers, organize them, roll them, and then stuff them in your bag. Then it’s time to hit the streets riding your BMX as Van Halen screams from your headphones attached to your Sony Walkman! I miss my childhood… Continue reading