Understanding Google’s App Content Rating System

Smartphones and tablet PCs with the ability to download apps are becoming more and more common. Letting our children play with our smartphones or tablets while in a waiting room, or the car, is becoming more and more common, too. Here is an in-depth look at Google’s new rating system and how it can best be used to shield your children from inappropriate content. Continue reading

Mobile Parenting: An iPhone App Review

Integrating a baby monitor with the iPhone is brilliant. Adding a soothing voice to calm the child and recording features so catch coughs and sneezes is genius! Most apps keep you fixed to your smart phone. The iPhone Baby Monitor and Alarm is the first application I have ever downloaded that made it possible and enjoyable to be away from the iPhone itself. I wonder if Apple is completely aware of this… Continue reading

The Geeky War On Germs: GEEKSOAP Review

At our household, we wage epic battles against germs, bacteria, and all the other nastiness that comes from living our lives to the fullest. As a father, I do all I can to protect, educate, and love my children. As a geek, I try to find better and more entertaining ways to do all three. When you find that special something that allows you to do so, you run with it and never look back! Continue reading

Sharing is Hard: Wrapsol Review

Sharing is hard and a difficult lesson to teach little geeks. But what happens when big geeks forget the very lessons they are trying to teach? Am I just a big kid or do I have legit beef and my feelings are justifiable? According to my wife, “kinda”. Clearly, there is an issue to solve here, including my own. Luckily, for every issue there is a solution, and in regards to my iPhone, I found one. Continue reading

Zen & Long Car Trips or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Portable DVD Player

My wife and I were of the same mind in regards to how television would not play any role in the upbringing of our children. We were high on our mighty horse and pontificated the benefits and righteousness of only using art, literature, and music to stimulate and accelerated the rapid growth of our children’s minds. Three children later and I now know better. Continue reading

Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing is oftentimes not the easy thing, nor does it reward as often as it socially punishes the individual for doing so. How then, as parents, can we communicate to our children the importance of standing up for what is right and speaking out boldly in the face of injustice knowing full well that they might be attacked for doing so? Continue reading

Equal Treatment

If you have followed my reviews – and you must be slightly odd to have done so – you might have concluded that I play more games with my 6 year old son than with my 4 year old daughter. So does my son really have the lion’s share of gaming with Dad? The short answer is yes, but the whole truth is a bit more complicated. Continue reading

Trash-Talk 101 for Your Little Geeks

Once you and your little geeks get past the rules and the game mechanics become “transparent” (that is, the point where your child is actually able to start exercising tactics and planning out their strategy rather than focusing on what part of the gameplay process is next), then is is time to add a new level of fun and strengthening the emotional coping skills. Continue reading