Zen and the Art of Letting Your Kids Win (or Not)

There is a burning question that rages through the hearts and minds of parents everywhere when they play games with their kids. Simply put, should the parent, with their years of experience, knowledge, and advanced skills, allow their kids to win a game or two? Or is that a bad thing? Read on, intrepid soul! Continue reading

Father Geek Family Game Log

You are going to play a lot of games with your kids. Good ones and bad ones, long ones and short ones. Regardless of value or length of the game, you are creating fun memories for them and for you. One way you can help capture and record these memories is by journaling what you played. Father Geek is happy to help you out. Continue reading

Quiet, It’s the Kid’s Turn

The job of a parent is to not only love their child unconditionally, but to also arm the child with social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will help them be happy and confident adults. What better place to start than the family gaming table? But, you might be hindering when you think you are helping. Continue reading