Early Peek at DiceAFARI

An early peek at a new game currently available on Kickstarter from Stratus Games. Light, flexible, customizable, and accessible, DiceAFARI is a fun game that will challenge and entertain your Child Geek and your Gamer Geek, too. A great family game with easy rules, it would certainly seem that Stratus Games has yet another hit on their hands you are going to want to get on your family gaming table! Continue reading

Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Album (1979)!

The 1979 Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album, illustrated by Greg Irons and written by Gary Gygax, is now available for you to go grab and share with your little geeks! Stop what you are doing…well…finish reading this first, but then stop what you are doing and go grab the coloring album! Continue reading

Little Geek’s Reaction to Star Wars “Bomb” is Brilliant

Do you recall that moment when you found out that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father? I sure do and I remember feeling a little bit queezy and terribly, terribly¬†excited. This was the biggest bomb dropped in my lap since I found out that Santa was my mom and dad. In truth, a larger piece of me died the day I found out who Darth Vader really was vs. Santa being mom and dad down stairs. There are just some things in this world you should not know. Continue reading

Geek Organization: From Chaos to Order

Having an organized game collection room is absolutely fantastic and a tremendous stress reliever! With the help of shelves, storage boxes, trays, and the Brother P-Touch Labeler, I have been making excellent progress. There’s still a lot of work to do, but the progress so far has made a huge impact both space wise and to my geek ego. The project continues! Continue reading

Game Time: Tacking the Past Family Movie Review

While football is prominent in the movie and narrative, it is not the only, or the most important, game being played. The real game is the one we play with ourselves everyday when we make choices. Do we go left or right? Pay off our car with some extra cash or take the family on a vacation? Do we chase fame and fortune or happiness and substance? What is important to us and why? Gather the family, pop some corn, and enjoy a family-friendly television movie about life, family, and football. Continue reading

More Family Movie Night Goodness

Life does not always give you the time you would like to play and connect with your kids. That’s why any free moment you might have with your little geeks is important. How you spend that time is best left to you and your little geeks. If watching movies is your thing, you might want to consider the latest Family Movie Night release for your next evening in with the fam. Continue reading

Lots of Free Card Games!

We have already shared with you a compiled list of free RPGs, lovingly collected and organized by a true fan and geek. Such dedication separates the “occasional player” from the true “enthusiast”. But if RPGs are not your thing, perhaps card games are. Just so happens that another true geek enthusiast has compiled a list of free card games created by some very inventive people. Continue reading