Lots of Free Card Games!

We have already shared with you a compiled list of free RPGs, lovingly collected and organized by a true fan and geek. Such dedication separates the “occasional player” from the true “enthusiast”. But if RPGs are not your thing, perhaps card games are. Just so happens that another true geek enthusiast has compiled a list of free card games created by some very inventive people.

From the web site…

This section of the card games site is devoted to new games played with existing cards. The idea is to provide a forum for card game inventors to publish their ideas, and to try out and comment on each other’s games.

By “existing cards”, what is meant is your typical standard deck of playing cards (52 cards, four suits, 2 Jokers, etc.). However, some games will require you to buy multiple decks and even create customized decks of specific colors, suites, and values. This shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, cost or availability wise, as a standard deck of playing cards are very cheap and abundantly available. In my household alone, I think we have something like 10 or so decks of regular playing cards. I honesty have no idea why, either…

Here is the complete list of card games. Check out Ants (a war game that involves offence, defense, and progression of your own ant colony), Betrayal (a game where one player is the traitor and the rest of the players must work together to stop him), Captain Jack (a ship combat game where players battle, salvage, and trade on the high seas), and CardRPG (a role playing like game that uses cards to determine events).

If there is a specific card game you tried and you like, please let us know in the comments section below so we can give the game a try, too!

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  1. Frank says:

    Pagat is a great site. I had forgotten about it!


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