Micro Monsters Game Review

Micro Monsters, by Ares Games, is a quick action/dexterity based game of control and conquest that is played out in a pocket universe. The players will be leading a small army of even small monsters into battle, jumping them (literally) into the fray. Careful and thoughtful placement of the monsters is needed to always be as offensive as possible while never making yourself an easy target. Continue reading

Fill the Barn Game Review

A successful farmer knows when to buy and when to sell, but the market is a competitive one, which means you must watch your opponents as closely as you watch the market! Simply excellent in its execution, smart in its design (other than the paper money), and thoroughly enjoyable, Fill the Barn is a game you should sit down and play the very first chance you get! Continue reading

Zooloretto Mini Game Review

Zooloretto Mini, by game designer Michael Schacht, is a tile placement game that tasks the players to organize and fill their zoo intelligently and to manage a certain amount of risk at the same time. Challenging and rewarding without being heavy or difficult, Zooloretto Mini will be a fun game to play at your family table with little geeks, friends, and gamer elitists. Plus, baby animals! Continue reading

Dungeon Crawler Minis: From the Depths Review

From the Depths is the first release of miniatures inspired by the Dungeon Crawler universe. The miniatures represent a plant vine, an otherworldly arm, a slimy Kraken tentacle, and three stringy grappler tendrils. Each miniature is securely mounted to a plastic black base, pre-painted, and very detailed. Since “slimy things that grab” are pretty much a given in just about any genre, be it Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Horror, the vast majority of today’s miniature games can use these miniatures with ease, fitting in perfectly to the current theme and narrative. Continue reading

Dark Horse Game Review

In Dark Horse, by Knight Works, the players take on the roles of opportunists that are looking to carve their own little piece of paradise out of the Old West. There is great fortune to be had but only a few know how to get it. Even fewer know how to keep it. Opportunity and treachery are around every corner and knowing when and where to focus attention is going to be the real test. Wield your influence wisely, reveal little, and watch your opponents carefully. Continue reading

Ultimate Driver 300 Deluxe Game Review

Ultimate Driver 300 Deluxe is a card game that puts the player in the driving seat and sets them down the track on a high-speed race where only one player can be the winner. The game is entertaining without being taxing, is fun without feeling like work, and allows players to be social and play at the same time. The game is very straightforward, but it made me smile, allowed me to have fun with my little geeks, and I would gladly play it again for these reasons. Continue reading

Castellan Game Review

A king and kingdom is nothing without a castle. From the high walls, lords and ladies look out upon the land they rule and at the people they protect. But for some lordlings, the walls that surround their holdings is not enough. The truly ambitious seek to expand their territory and control. Their walls of power and of stone begin to stretch and travel outward, encompassing more and more land. It falls to you, the Lord’s castellan, to build such a castle. A challenge made all the more difficult by your rivals competing for your lord’s favor. Continue reading

Eminent Domain Game Review

Expand your galactic empire and colonize distant planets or beat them into submission! I am very pleased with Eminent Domain and believe it will be a game requested by family and friends for a good long time. The learning curve is not difficult and the game play becomes fairly intuitive very quickly. Add in the game’s excellent production value and you have a deck-building strategy game well worth your time. Continue reading

Dragon Face Game Review

Dragon Face has replaced my family’s copy of Checkers and gets more attention than Chess at the moment. This is due, in some part, because it is new but also because it is simply a great game. It is challenging without being overbearing, deep without being bottomless, and a real thinker without melting your brain. Continue reading

Martian Dice Game Review

You might very well find Martian Dice “addictive”. Fast and fun, it’ll keep everyone at the table engaged and rolling. Perfect for kids, adults, Martians, parents, gamers, and non-gamers. It’s great for mixed groups and can be played just about anywhere. Disastrous defeats are quickly forgotten as game play is fast. If you are looking for a simple and entertaining dice game with a fun theme, Martian Dice is sure to be a winner. Continue reading

Zombie Ninja Pirates Game Review

Zombie Ninja Pirates is a fun little game which is most certainly in the “beer and pretzels” category or, for our little geeks, “apple juice and graham crackers”. It’s meant to be a “flash in the pan” type of game where you plop it out on the table, play a few games, and then move on without having to exercise a large percentage of our brain. In this, the game does exceedingly well. Continue reading