Word to the Wise: Do Not Grow Up

“Oh, grow up”, they say, but this is poor advice.

I have found that I can relate to my children on a much more personal and deeper level by simply forgetting that I am a grownup.  Having a demanding  job, a mortgage, bills, and all the weight off the world on my shoulders tends to take up a great deal of my time.  This means I have to carve out precious seconds of my already very busy day to simply have some fun like I did as a child.

How sad is that?

To that end, I make it a point to get my “fun in” wherever and whenever I can.  Often this comes at a price. That price being the high level of embarrassment I usually cause the other adults around me. But who cares about that? My sons look at me, laugh, and we all have a great time.  It feels so good to shake off the trappings of adulthood, even if it is short lived.  The point is, take your fun where and when you can, always. Failure to do so will certainly cause you to dry up into a cold, hard husk of who you once were.

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to do one thing a day that makes you feel like a kid again. Social consequences be damned. Case in point…

With apologies to the Minnesota Zoo and my wife for acting “like a kid”.  It was worth every weird look and snicker.  Thanks, sons, for letting your old man tag along.

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Editor in Chief, Owner/Operator, Board Game Fanatic, Father of Three, and Nice Guy, Cyrus has always enjoyed board, card, miniature, role playing, and video games, but didn't get back into the hobby seriously until early 2000. Once he did, however, he was hooked. He now plays board games with anyone and everyone he can, but enjoys playing with his children the most. Video games continue to be of real interest, but not as much as dice and little miniatures. As he carefully navigates the ins and outs of parenting, he does his very best to bestow what wisdom he has and help nurture his children's young minds. It is his hope and ambition to raise three strong, honorable men who will one day go on to do great things and buy their Mom and Dad a lobster dinner. Cyrus goes by the handle fathergeek on Board Game Geek. You can also check him out on CyrusKirby.com. Yes, he has a URL that is his name. His ego knows no bounds, apparently....

2 Responses to Word to the Wise: Do Not Grow Up

  1. Chris Dobbs says:

    Hey Cyrus,

    You’re alright. 🙂 I was just pawing through your site a bit and clicked on this topic because it’s singing my tune. I could have written the same. Too bad you don’t live on my side of the planet, or I’d buy you a beer.

    Chris (the same Chris who wrote you about the age thing)

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