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If you write a lot, you know that your words can come back to haunt you or hype you. The truth of it is, once you write something and post it to the InterWeb, many, many people get to read it. You can only hope it isn’t taken out of context or rouses nations to go to war.

Father Geek reviewed the wonderful card game Perfect Stride a while ago and greatly enjoyed it. In typical “wordy fashion” (as I have been accused of), I waxed poetically about the game. I can’t help it; I write a lot when I am passionate about something. You should see what I write in birthday cards to loved ones. Pure epic wordiness. A simple signature will never do.

I was humbled to learn that Father Geek was recently quoted, not once but twice, on the Creative Play Retailer web site. It is a fantastic feeling when you realize people actually read and appreciate what you write. It also serves as a strong reminder that words, like a board with a rusty nail protruding from it, can persuade people to think differently.

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Editor in Chief, Owner/Operator, Board Game Fanatic, Father of Three, and Nice Guy, Cyrus has always enjoyed board, card, miniature, role playing, and video games, but didn't get back into the hobby seriously until early 2000. Once he did, however, he was hooked. He now plays board games with anyone and everyone he can, but enjoys playing with his children the most. Video games continue to be of real interest, but not as much as dice and little miniatures. As he carefully navigates the ins and outs of parenting, he does his very best to bestow what wisdom he has and help nurture his children's young minds. It is his hope and ambition to raise three strong, honorable men who will one day go on to do great things and buy their Mom and Dad a lobster dinner. Cyrus goes by the handle fathergeek on Board Game Geek. You can also check him out on Yes, he has a URL that is his name. His ego knows no bounds, apparently....

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