Get Bit! Dolphin Die Game Expansion Review

As you swim through the ocean to the rescue ship, your heart is full of dread as you see the shark fins circling closer and closer. Fear pushes you as you know an attack could come at any moment. Suddenly, a shark charges and you can see its teeth below the waves! Seconds before the shark reaches you, a dolphin smashes into it! The dolphin saved you this time, but it’s best not to rely on luck or tempt fate. SWIM! Continue reading

Get Bit! Squid Die Game Expansion Review

You can hear the splashing of water and the screams of your fellow castaways as you swim like mad to the rescue boat. You have already been bitten by one of the sharks, but your will to survive and fear drives you on. Ahead of you is the ship and its crew who shout words of encouragement. You pause a moment to catch your breath and scream in terror as you see a giant squid come to the surface. Becoming a pirate was a poor life choice… Continue reading

Get Bit! Deluxe Game Review

You have been trapped on the small island surrounded by endless ocean for what feels like years. You and the other shipwrecked crew are surviving, but every day is a struggle. Then, on the horizon, a ship is spotted! You light your signal fires and the boat approaches! Now all you have to do is swim to the ship, but the water is full of man-eating sharks! Steeling your nerves, you plunge into the surf in a desperate attempt to survive. Continue reading

Zeppeldrome Game Review (prepublished version)

Man has always looked to the sky and marveled at the birds in flight. It was only a matter of time before we left the ground and soared in that space between Heaven and Earth. Now man has conquered the Great Blue and flies in large airships, such as Dirigibles, Zeppelins, and Blimps. Some fly for the freedom and some fly to explore. You fly to win. You are a pilot of a racing airship and your next race looks to be full of competition. Do you have what it takes to win? Time to find out. Continue reading

Mad Rush Rally Game Review

You’ve built your car and are ready to race! Pulling your vehicle up to the starting line, you size up the competition. Pfff! Amateurs! You don’t see any car packing a bomb thrower or a mounted extendable arm. This is going to be easy! Then you notice that the next car over has a caged squirrel in the front passenger seat. The squirrel turns, locks eyes with you, and frowns menacingly. Hmm, you think, this might be an interesting race after all. Continue reading

Farns Filoworth’s Dirigible Disaster Game Review

Dr. Filoworth is known as something of an eccentric inventor, but his genius has never been in doubt. What is in doubt is his judgement. His latest creation, the Victoriana, was hastily built and is now being launched. Oh, sure, she’ll fly, but there is a lot that can go wrong. To address this, Dr. Filoworth has hired you and a few others to repair and rebuild when and where needed 1000 feet above the ground in a not-yet-finished dirigible airship. Continue reading

Dicey Curves: DANGER! Game Expansion Review

Tired of being passed all the time or outdistanced, a few racers have become more aggressive in their driving. Some thought it was dangerous and unsportsmanlike. The race officials, however, thought it was perfect. Now an aggressive foot on the gas could be evenly matched with an aggressive hand on the wheel. Victory is given to the driver who not only drove the track better than their opponents, but avoided its dangers, too. Start your engines, tighten those safety belts, and check your helmets! It’s going to be a bumpy ride! Continue reading

Ultimate Driver 300 Deluxe Game Review

Ultimate Driver 300 Deluxe is a card game that puts the player in the driving seat and sets them down the track on a high-speed race where only one player can be the winner. The game is entertaining without being taxing, is fun without feeling like work, and allows players to be social and play at the same time. The game is very straightforward, but it made me smile, allowed me to have fun with my little geeks, and I would gladly play it again for these reasons. Continue reading

Nitro Dice Game Review

In Nitro Dice, each player takes on the role of 1 of 6 drivers who race the curving streets of the city to see who will be claimed the “best of the best” in the Nitro Circuit. It’s a race to the finish but it’s more than just going faster than your opponents. This race is going to take as much smarts as it will speed. Continue reading

Dicey Curves Game Review

In Dicey Curves, players jump behind the wheel and race each other, jockeying for position and control. While speed is important, a skilled driver knows that positioning is just as important, if not more so. This is a light strategy race game where luck and tactics go hand in hand. Expect quick play and surprisingly engaging game mechanics that will have you looking for the best path and approach to victory! Continue reading

Monza Game Review

In this game, each player takes on the role of a race car driver looking to win the “big race”. While speed might seem like the best answer, any veteran race car driver will tell you that using your head is just as important as using your gas peddle. Racers! Start your engines and buckle up for fun! Continue reading