Creature College Game Review (prepublished version)

Millions of pamphlets are delivered to would-be students each year to inform them of exciting academic programs. But there is one college that keeps to itself and only invites a select few to attend. This is Creature College, and what it provides is so much more than a simple education. Here students will learn the art of capturing mythical creatures, training them to battle, and utilizing science to do the impossible. Welcome to your first day of class. Continue reading

Little Pig Game Review (prepublished version)

When it came time for the 3 Little Pigs to leave their mother and make their own way in the world, they parted ways amiably. The casual observer would note nothing more than 3 brothers bidding each other a fond farewell. But the heart of each brother was bent on outdoing the others. These little piggies are ambitious and they’ll let none get in their way. Continue reading

Looting Atlantis Game Review (prepublished version)

The island and the civilization of Atlantis is the stuff of myth and legend. It’s believed by some that Plato created Atlantis for use as a parable and there are those who believe that Atlantis was real. The ocean that supposedly swallowed it provides no clues, keeping this ancient civilization shrouded in mystery. In this game, you must escape Atlantis before it’s destroyed, but not before you loot a few momentous. Continue reading

The King’s Armory Game Review

The King has called you to his throne room. There he implores you to help defend the kingdom from an army bent on destroying all that lies beyond the protective walls of the castle. You promise the King to lead his army and rout the enemy. Rallying your troops, you make ready for the battle to come. Continue reading

Hamlet Builder Pro Game Review (prepublished version)

You have just been sworn in as the region’s newest magistrate. Your first official duty is to organize and lead the efforts to build a small hamlet. Smirking, you gladly accept the challenge, thinking such a task should be easy to accomplish. You thought wrong. Continue reading

The Guardians: Explore Game Review (prepublished version)

It’s Spring Break in a sleepy little town where nothing ever happens. A few of the children are playing in the woods when they notice something is not right. The trees seem darker and more dangerous. Suddenly, a monstrous figure jumps out from behind a large rock, roaring in a blood rage! The children are not scared! They are elated! Grabbing sticks as weapons, they charge the monster, happy to be finally doing something “cool”. Continue reading

WitchHunt Game Review (prepublished version)

In a small village where everyone knows each other and their business, social harmony is always at risk. All it takes is a small spark to ignite a raging fire of discord and distrust. In this village, where you have dwelt all your life, evil is taking root. Witches have moved in and now work to unravel the social fabric of your home. You must find them before they find you. Continue reading

Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy Game Expansion Review

The mists of time have parted and the legendary heroes and horrors of the past have found their way to the present. Magic has sundered the threads of time and now all that is old is new again. New magic and magic users have been reported in the land, disrupting the balance of power. While many are concerned, you see an opportunity. Power, be it old or new, can be harnessed and controlled. Continue reading

Noble Treachery: The Last Alliance Game Review

Chinese Communist revolutionary and founding father of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, said “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.” In this game, the King has died without naming an heir. The war of succession is now fought openly among the noble houses, using both diplomacy and the sword. Continue reading

Dragonwood Game Review

Dragonwood is a large forest that lies south of the kingdom. Rumors say it’s a place of magic and danger that none should venture into. It was the home of the elves and their magic and power still remains. Which, of course, sounds awesome to any adventurer looking to get rich and make a name for themselves! Gather your party and venture forth! Here’s hoping you don’t get eaten…or worse. Continue reading

Terrene Odyssey Game Review

Antiphanes wrote “The quest for riches darkens the sense of right and wrong.” Or, to put it another way, greed can make one’s moral compass a lot less accurate. In this game, you will command a group of adventurers seeking treasure. Treasure so great that you will stop at nothing to get it, including destroying anyone who gets in your way. Guess what happens when you meet another group of adventurers with the same plan? Continue reading

Apotheca Game Review (prepublished version)

Rumors abound of a secret society of apothecaries who know ancient magics and the key to immortality. You have sought this society out and hope to persuade them to allow you to join their ranks. They are amused by your request and will allow you to demonstrate your skills. The first to appease 3 apothecaries will be allowed to join and have access to unlimited power, among other perks, such as discount wagon parking. Continue reading