Monsters and Maidens: Epic Dice Game Expansion Review

Rescuing maidens has never been an easy job, but it does have its advantages. For one thing, a hero who rescues maidens has guaranteed job security. For some reason, maidens are always being captured and in need of rescue. To the untrained eye, it all seems rather straightforward, but there is so much more to it. For example, what tools should you bring? What is the weather going to be like? Are there any dragons or kings nearby? All important questions that need answers, because the answer could mean the difference between success or epic failure. Continue reading

Monsters and Maidens Game Review

Maidens are under contractual agreement to be captured by monsters no less than 5 times per year. This coincides with the monster’s labor union bylaws (subsection “F”) that guarantees each monster no fewer than 10 maiden abductions every 2 years, give or take a maiden. Heroes, however, have no such contractual agreement and have long since fought the idea of unionization. This, as you might have guessed, causes a bit of friction. The heroes, being free agents, seldom care to adhere to the standardization set many years ago. Maidens don’t seem to mind much, but the monsters are getting pretty fed up. Continue reading

Dungeonling: Battle Game Review

Owning a dungeon is not all that it’s cracked up to be. A lot of people don’t realize how much work it is to keep pesky adventurers out, the daily maintenance of traps, and the never-ending department meetings with minions. It’s enough to make a Dungeon Lord crazy and call it quits. Which would explain the high turnover in the business. Well, that and the fact that dungeons are dangerous places to work. Still, you go to “The Job” every morning and count the days until you retire. Meh. It’s a living. Continue reading

Dragon Racer Game Review (prepublished version)

Dragons were once feared, but they are now domesticated and adored. Some households even have dragons for pets. You and others breed, train, and race dragons. It’s the ultimate sport that brings man and dragon together to form a single team. You must trust your dragon completely as your dragon trusts you. This is a race where speed matters, but speed alone won’t win you the cup. You must think fast, think smart, and work with your dragon or you’ll be left far behind. Continue reading

Dragonflame Game Review (prepublished version)

You have finally come of age. Your wings are strong, your dragon flame burns like the sun, and your teeth are as sharp as a thousand swords. Now you must make a name for yourself and spread fear and panic across the realm. There are castles to attack, knights to eat, treasure to hoard, and maidens to collect. The only problem is that there are other dragons with the same idea and there are only so many maidens to be had. Continue reading

Hunter’s Guild: The Vampire Forest Game Review

The land is plagued by unnatural beasts and horrific monsters. The townspeople know they are safe when the sun is in the sky, but hide behind locked doors at night fearing for their souls. The town leaders have sent for help and you have answered their call. You know that a vampire of great power lurks in the woods that borders the town. Gathering what equipment is available, you venture into the old and rotted forest to hunt the evil down. You know not what awaits you, but are confident enough in your skill to step bravely into the gloom. The townspeople see you off and then say a silent prayer, for many have entered the woods but none have returned. Continue reading

Arcova: Aftermath Game Review

The land knew nothing but peace under the wise and benevolent rule of King Baelon Rhakal. But all kings must die, and so it was with Rhakal. The throne stood empty and the land mourned. The heirs to the throne fought among themselves for succession and the land began to suffer. Wars, famine, and death soon followed. Now all is in ruin and the mighty kingdom has fallen into dust. You have arisen from this destruction to rebuild the kingdom in your image. Gather your forces and heal the land. Continue reading

Munchkin Treasure Hunt Game Review

The lure of fame and fortune draws many would-be heroes into the dungeon. There, in the darkness, lies adventure and great danger. Gold is what many seek, but the monsters who guard it will fight any who attempt to take it. Armed with tenacity, wit, and the belief that the ever-fickle die will roll your way, you plunge headfirst into the darkness of the dungeon. There you will find your destiny or the business end of a dragon. Continue reading

Mage Wars: Forged in Fire Game Expansion Review

Far beyond the forests and plains lies the great mountains. Their peaks reach ever-upward and disappear into the heavens. Below them lies the great Kingdom of the Dwarves who have toiled for centuries to perfect the art of metallurgy. Their craft and artistry is legend and their skill is unmatched. They have even mastered the ability to forge the very fabric of magic with fire and hammer. This has drawn the eye of the Lord of Fire who covets all things born of flame. The Lord of Fire has sent his most powerful warlock to take from the dwarves their secrets and skills, but such a thing is not easily done. Continue reading

Crazier Eights Game Review

The heavenly bodies move like gears in a giant cosmic clock. From this, time is created, flows, and ends. We are swept up by the current of creation and destruction, the beginning and the end. Fate shuffles the deck and deals you a hand that determines what role you will play in this endless procession of moments. The only question is, do you accept what Fate has dealt you? Continue reading

Havok & Hijinks Game Review

Fact: Young dragons know everything. As a young dragon, you know that all dragons (regardless of age) need a treasure hoard and treasure can be found by burning villages, looting adventurers, and stealing from other dragons. So, that’s what you plan to do this afternoon instead of playing Knights & Maidens. It upsets you that the older dragons just roll their eyes when you tell them your plan, but you don’t worry about it too much. There’s treasure to be won and ancient dragons are soooo boring. Continue reading

Oddball Aeronauts Game Review

The skies above the kingdom remains a realm without limits. It’s the last place where freedom can be obtained by anyone regardless of race, rank, or title. It’s also a lawless place where the strong feed on the week. It’s here you find yourself, in the clouds, soaring on a giant airship. Your crew await your orders as another airship comes into view. Do you ready the guns, prepare to board, or maneuver to ram? What are your orders, captain? Continue reading