Fur vs. Scale Game Review (prepublished version)

British adventurer, writer and television presenter, Bear Grylls, said “The rules of survival never change, whether you’re in a desert or in an arena.” In this game, deadly warriors will clash again and again until only 1 remains standing. Each warrior represents the best of their race. To win is not only to secure victory, but to ensure the survival of their species. Continue reading

Little Monsters Game Review (prepublished version)

When baby monsters sleep, they dream of conquest! They wage epic battles against other babies, steal pacifiers, and spill milk bottles. But sleeping babies should be careful. If they make noise, their parents will wake them up, incorrectly believing they are having a nightmare. To keep having fun, dream boldly, but with caution. You don’t want to be caught with your diaper down. Continue reading

Siege of Sunfall Game Review (prepublished version)

Sunfall is a desolate land, where nature and man have turned against each other. Now strange things wander the wasteland and the only way to survive is to work together. But not all alliances are binding and the line between friend and foe is thin. Continue reading

Council of Blackthorn Game Review (prepublished version)

The old King who raised a nation is now frail of body. His councilors and closest advisers whisper in the shadows and scheme. Even the young Queen has plans of her own while doting on her dying lord. The kingdom will go to the one who can manipulate the masses without being caught. Those who are found to be traitors will lose their chance for power and their lives. Continue reading

Black-Handed Henry’s Potion Party Game Review

Black-Handed Henry is a dangerous and unstable person. He’s made his living being a terror at sea and he is used to getting his way. Right now, he only has one thing on his mind: a potion. He growls at you saying, “Listen ‘er, you grubby maggots. I have a terrible thirst! Brew me my potion and you live! Fail and I toss you overboard!” Now that’s what I call motivation! Continue reading

Find It & Bind It Game Review

Traditionally, a witch’s Book of Shadows is destroyed when the witch passes on. In some rare cases, books are considered to be too valuable to the Coven to be lost. A great and powerful witch has died, but her Book of Shadows is nowhere to be found. The witch that finds it will have access to powerful spells and old secrets. For witches, knowledge is power and power is worth fighting for. Continue reading

Guards of Atlantis Game Review (prepublished version)

Those who follow the ways of magic look at technology as a blight that ruins the natural order of things. Those who favor technology see those who use magic as unnatural and cursed. Both factions fear and hate each other. Their bitter rivalry will now end, once and for all. Continue reading

Mage Wars Academy Game Review

Students of the arcane learn two important lessons while at the academy. First, magic is powerful. Second, only the powerful deserve to wield it. It’s the day before graduation and the top Mages must take their final exam. The test is simple: survive. You have worked and studied hard. It’s time to test what you know. Failure is not an option. Continue reading

The Princess Bride: As You Wish Game Review

American science fiction writer, Frank Herbert, said “If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.” Who among us hasn’t wished to be bigger, faster, richer, or be granted more than what we think we have? Wishing is the act of longing and in this game, players will need to decide if what they long for is worth the risk of pursuing. Continue reading

Roll Player Game Review (prepublished version)

I remember spending hours tinkering on my Dungeons & Dragons character. Researching abilities, calculating stat scores, and attempting to determine the best armor sets. It was all about pushing the limits to succeed. In this game, players will be attempting the same thing, as they take their fantasy hero to new epic levels of attribute domination! Continue reading

Legends of Adventure Game Review

Legends are not born. Legends are forged in the fires of adversity, hardship, and victory. All the great heroes have overcome tremendous obstacles, risked total defeat, and triumphed in the end. You have lived your life in the shadow of such heroes and now you seek to create your own legend. Today you begin your journey that will either grant you eternal fame or a painful death. Continue reading

The Majority: Complete Edition Game Review

The various factions of evil gather once per year to plan, debate, and decide how to plague the world. Politics come naturally to these nefarious creatures who delight in parliamentary procedure and creating loopholes in laws. Power, however, does not come from the masses. Control comes from manipulation. Time to see if you have what it takes to lead the assembly of darkness! Continue reading