FREE-O Game Review

The game of Hide-And-Seek is as old as the first day a single-celled organism tried to avoid another in a pool of primordial soup. Today, we play Hide-And-Seek in hopes of outwitting and out-thinking our opponent, not because we are avoiding capture and absorption, but the premise is the same. Be caught and lose, or stay one step ahead and win! In this game, you are going to attempt to do just that! Continue reading

Kaboom! Game Review

From behind your protective wall, you can just make out your enemy. They are peeking at you, too. You think about waving, think better of it, and fire a rocket at them instead. Not as nice as a wave, but this is war. And in war, only one side is meant to win. At least, that’s what the General says. Where is the General, by the way? You haven’t seen him for days. Oh, well. Guess you’ll just keep firing weapons until someone with authority says “stop”. Continue reading

Crowns Game Review

When two Kings meet on the battlefield, both sides know that only one crown will survive. After preparing, strategizing, theorizing, and planning, the two Kings meet each other on the field of battle. Their choices both before and during the warfare will determine the winner. One will rise triumphant while the other will fall in defeat. Continue reading

Castellan Game Review

A king and kingdom is nothing without a castle. From the high walls, lords and ladies look out upon the land they rule and at the people they protect. But for some lordlings, the walls that surround their holdings is not enough. The truly ambitious seek to expand their territory and control. Their walls of power and of stone begin to stretch and travel outward, encompassing more and more land. It falls to you, the Lord’s castellan, to build such a castle. A challenge made all the more difficult by your rivals competing for your lord’s favor. Continue reading

Zombie Ninja Pirates Game Review

Zombie Ninja Pirates is a fun little game which is most certainly in the “beer and pretzels” category or, for our little geeks, “apple juice and graham crackers”. It’s meant to be a “flash in the pan” type of game where you plop it out on the table, play a few games, and then move on without having to exercise a large percentage of our brain. In this, the game does exceedingly well. Continue reading

Shake Out! Game Review

Roll the dice and take a chance! Shake Out! is all about balancing risk vs. reward. Do it right and there is no stopping you, but don’t get too cocky. Even if you claim a card, another opponent can snatch it from you with just a few more points! To play this game right, you’ll have to push your own limits to ensure you get the cards you need, playing both defensively and offensively. Come up short, and you’ll be left far, far behind! Continue reading

Venture Forth Game Review

Power comes in many forms, be it wealth, knowledge, or might. Throughout the land, brave heroes seek such power, being led by their own ambitions, as they explore the land full of adventure and danger. The players will lead their own adventuring group of heroes and brave the road between pockets of civilization, encountering both friend and foe along the way. Some would say it is the journey that matters most and not the destination, but when the final destination is fulfilling your wildest dreams, one cannot help but take even the most dangerous road, even if the journey could mean death! Continue reading

Nile DeLuxor Game Review

In Nile DeLuxor, players take on the role of farmers whose prosperity and fate are tightly intertwined with the great river, the Nile. But the river is uncontrollable and wild as it never stops flooding and retreating from the land. A wise player will learn to speculate and anticipate the changes to come. By doing so, they can make important choices that will offer great rewards. Failure to guess correctly will bring ruin. Continue reading

Gold Mine Game Review

In Gold Mine, players grab their mining tools and hard hats to venture forth into a dark gold mine to explore and discover riches. But beware! There are other miners in the tunnels who want the gold, too, and are not above taking it from you if the opportunity should present itself. Dig fast, collect the gold, and get out before anyone else to be declared the winner! Continue reading

Morphology Game Review

In this game, teams must work together to guess what an object or idea is via creative representation through bits of string, beads, wooden pawns, and other small pieces. This is a fast, fun, and creative family and party game that will allow mixed age groups to participate together and provide great social interaction. The game is familiar enough to be easily understood and unique enough to keep everyone interested. Get ready to be challenged, creative, and laugh out loud! Continue reading