Office Surprise of Epic Weirdness!

I am blessed to know some truly creative and wacky people who share my eclectic sense of humor. I briefly left my office for a “bio-break” only to return to find a package in my recently vacated chair. Inside the mystery box?

A mixed message...

Yes, you are correct. Do not let your eyes deceive you! The packaged contained a copy of the board game, Mystery Date, and the torn off head of a child’s stuffed pony.

Let me let that soak in for a moment. The “torn off head of a child’s stuffed pony”. If you don’t know, it is most likely a nod to the Godfather. In that movie, a big shot Hollywood producer does not do the Godfather a “favor”. The result is a clear message that states “do not mess with me” in the form of a decapitated horse head. Here’s the scene if you don’t know it (warning: graphic).

The box contained so many mixed messages, I don’t know what to think. I do recall mentioning to someone that I would love a chance to play Mystery Date because it is considered a cornerstone of American board games (in some circles). I guess the lesson learned here is “be careful what you wish for”…and don’t piss off the leader of an organized crime family.

Still, a shame about that pony. Damn shame.

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