Do It Yourself Ghosts

By Todd Edwards
Guest Contributor

Halloween is almost here, and in San Francisco, that means it’s time to decorate. My little geek loves walking around the neighborhood looking at all the spooky decorations. Of course, that means that we must have decorations of our own, which in turn means, Arts & Crafts time! Here is our cheap and fun way of making window ghosts.

Spooky fun...on the cheap!

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!

Head to your local store of choice and pick up some adhesive shelf liner. I purchased white for ghosts. Black works very well for bats and orange for pumpkins. White is also good for drawing on with Sharpies. Speaking of which, make sure you have some multicolored Sharpies or other permanent markers on hand. Permanent markers will still smear a bit until they dry, but they give a much less messy experience than regular markers. We haven’t tried paint.

Lastly, you’ll need scissors.


  • Adhesive shelf liner
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors

The rest is easy. Roll out the shelf liner, draw some ghosts, cut them out, and stick them on a window. Boo! Spooky times for everyone!

Easy to make, easy to do! Spooky fun for little geeks and you!

My little geek isn’t into drawing, but she likes to direct me and tell me what shapes to make. She colored some of the ghost eyes and loves cutting them out. She also decided that we should make a ghost family and that they should be holding hands. I’m sure more ghosts will appear in the next week. Hopefully, I can coax her into doing them all herself.

Warning: Making ghosts is addictive!

NOTE: this method also works well for other holidays and for general room decoration. Our playroom has a wall filled with fish and jellyfish we made when my little geek was going through a marine phase.

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  1. Violet says:

    This is great… Thanks for sharing.


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