Señor Tex-Mex: My Failed Comic

Here’s a fun fact. I once contributed to a comic. Well, technically, one release of a comic strip and it never went anywhere despite the illustrator and I having “big dreams” about our work. I was the writing talent and my friend, Brian Fyffe, was the talented illustrator. We worked very well together as we had the same humor, liked the same things, and agreed that I could not draw myself out of a wet paper sack, let alone draw something that resembled a wet paper sack. Continue reading

So Many Games, So Little Time

As a husband of one and father of three, finding time to game can be tough. My sons are at an age where they are active in school and sports, so the wife and I stay pretty busy making sure they are all where they need to be. In addition, we are active in our local church and I even play in a local band. So time is a premium, as I’m sure it is with most families. Thus, carving out time slots here and there to game is pretty tough. Continue reading

Mobile Parenting: An iPhone App Review

Integrating a baby monitor with the iPhone is brilliant. Adding a soothing voice to calm the child and recording features so catch coughs and sneezes is genius! Most apps keep you fixed to your smart phone. The iPhone Baby Monitor and Alarm is the first application I have ever downloaded that made it possible and enjoyable to be away from the iPhone itself. I wonder if Apple is completely aware of this… Continue reading

Living Life in the Cloud: SugarSync Review

Our lives are in a constant state of motion, be it physically or mentally. We only tend to slow down when we sleep, but even then, our subconscious minds go wandering through dreamscapes. A life on the go demands a solution that can provide us what we need based on our our changing requirements. I might just have found the perfect solution to all my “on the go woes”. Continue reading

Father Geek Goes Hollywood!

Father Geek was invited to attend a Daddy Blogger “behind the scenes” tour of Walmart’s and P&G’s 8th and newest Family Movie Night film! I was given access to the movie set location, the crew, and and the actors. The experience was incredible and I am very happy to be able to share it with you! Father Geek goes Hollywood! But don’t worry, we won’t let it go to our heads…much. Continue reading

Geek Gear For Father’s Day

As we became more tech savvy in both our own understanding of the world and the culture around us, the young boys and girls of my generation began to give our father’s more “geeky” presents, even though we had no inkling of what “geeky” meant. Digital watches, Walkmans, tapes, and records became the norm and expressing our love through the medium of pasta art became a thing of the past. Continue reading