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Introducing MinePick: A Comprehensive Server List for Minecraft

Normal metrics used to measure a server’s popularity are votes from the gaming community, the server’s uptime (availability), and how many players are playing at any particular time. Unfortunately, there is no universal format to create a server list or to suggest how it should be organized. This can create confusion and delay for players. One server list hopes to change all that. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Where to Find the Best Back-to-School Savings on Clothes and Supplies

Every time the back-to-school commercials come on television, parents everywhere find themselves asking the same thing: “Is it that time already? Where did the summer go?” And honestly, as your child contemplates about the painful act of waking up early, catching the school bus, and coming home in the afternoon with lots of homework to do, they’re probably asking themselves the exact same thing. (sponsored post) Continue reading

How to Teach Kids the Basics of Investing

The earlier you start talking about the value of money, the deeper the lesson will sink in. Although it might sound silly to talk Wall Street with a child who still watches Sesame Street. However, it is important that children learn the benefits, drawbacks, and strategies involved in making investments for their future, as well as the basic types of investment options that are out there. Too often focus is spent on how to spend responsibly and not enough on how to save intelligently. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Geek Family Blogging and Bonding

One of the challenges that sometimes comes with being a parent is that you find yourself looking for ways to spend quality time with your children and family; things to do that will be entertaining, meaningful, and beneficial for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about doing something that is innovative and technologically savvy, why not do a family blog? (sponsored post) Continue reading

Five Sites for Homework Help Online

When a child comes home from school and asks an adult for help with their homework, many parents get nervous. For a lot of us, it’s been a long time since we had to do fractions or conjugate verbs (especially when it comes to getting graded for it). And let’s face it, the pressure of it all can be stressful resulting in the adult not being very helpful to the child. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Setting Ground Rules for Your Teen Driver

Kids grow up faster than we can keep track of them, and part of their growing up and eventually gaining independence is learning how to drive. Once your teen has gotten his or her learner’s permit and subsequently a real driver’s license, he or she is naturally going to want to drive everywhere. This can be a stressful part of parenthood, but remember that you put your parents through the same thing. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Five Strategies for Improving Communication With Your Teen

Most teens like to talk, and talk, and talk. Listen to your teen and allow them to finish their thoughts (note that this could take a bit). Many parents do all the talking as a way to try to teach or set an example for their kids, but often times, the trick is to talk with your kid, not at them, and sometimes not to talk at all. Letting your child participate in a conversation as an equal will give them the confidence to speak their mind. And that’s a good thing. Getting teens talking to you instead of at you is the best way to understand what’s going on with them. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Five Benefits of Getting Your Kids Involved in Sports Now

Although kids will always gravitate towards their favorite technological devices or the gaming table, it wouldn’t hurt to get them out in the fresh air and moving their entire bodies (instead of just their thumbs or shaking dice) once in a while. Many parents have heard that video games and other technologies have the ability to teach kids both strategy and communication skills while improving hand-eye coordination. This is true, to a point. Board, card, dice, role-playing, and any type of table top games can be excellent exercise for the mind and build social skills, but does little for the body. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Five Tips to Finding the Right Tech Camp for Your Kids

If a parent is paying close attention, their son or daughter often shows signs of their future passions early on. If the child is showing a real interest in or has an affinity to technology, one option available to you is enrolling them in a summer tech camp. If you’re wondering which one would be right for your child, here are five things to keep in mind to help you decide before signing your son or daughter up. (sponsored post) Continue reading

Five Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens

It isn’t easy being a parent in the digital age. It’s natural to want to share technology with your kids. After all, digital competence is perhaps the most important skill a kid can have growing up in the new economy. The problem is: some of these technologies that are appropriate for adults can be harmful to children. The following are a few tips to help guide your decision-making process. (sponsored post) Continue reading