Where to Find the Best Back-to-School Savings on Clothes and Supplies

By Evan Fischer
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Every time the back-to-school commercials come on television, parents everywhere find themselves asking the same thing: “Is it that time already? Where did the summer go?” And honestly, as your child contemplates about the painful act of waking up early, catching the school bus, and coming home in the afternoon with lots of homework to do, they’re probably asking themselves the exact same thing.

A ritual that comes with getting “fall ready” for elementary or high school is going back-to-school shopping. Yet ironically enough, although you know that it’s coming, it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily financially prepared or have the time to really plan for it. The end of summer is a busy time for many families and balancing the books after expensive summer family vacations takes time. Time that some families can’t seem to find. If this is the state that you currently find yourself in and you need a few tips on how to find the best savings on clothes and supplies, while spending the least amount of money and time, look no further. Listed here are five stores that will keep you in your budget and help you attain what you need for your children. Let’s begin.

Old Navy

There are a lot of kids who are required to wear a uniform to school. If you want to find solid shirts and pants that are at a really good price, Old Navy is one of the first places that you should look. From short-sleeved collars to khakis and corduroys (and even socks and accessories), the great thing about Old Navy is that it’s a store that tends to stay well-stocked and has sales year-round.


Who doesn’t like Target? It’s one place where you can get a great looking outfit, all of your school supplies, and the perfect backpack in one visit. If you have about $150 (and you take your time), you can walk out of this store with all that your child needs for not just the first day of school, but the first couple of months. Plus, they have a food section allowing you to tackle their school lunch needs.


OK, this might not be the first place that you would think to look, but there are actually some pretty good deals on Amazon for back-to-school shopping. As a matter of fact, they have an entire section dedicated to your K-12 or even college student with everything from clothes and school supplies to items that your college kid can get for their dorm room. Sure, it takes a bit of time to receive (since it’s being shipped to you), but if you use promotional codes that are available on websites like RetailMeNot.com and Coupons.com, the discounts that you can get will make it all well worth the wait.


For a lot of people, just saying “Walmart” says it all. Honestly, when it comes to clothing quality, this probably shouldn’t be your first choice, but as it relates to notebooks, pens and pencils, and even electronics (like if you plan on buying your child a new laptop), you can find some of the best deals there.


Another smart clothes shopping store is Kohl’s. Especially if you have a high school aged “designer child”, this is one place where you can go to appease their tastes without emptying your wallet. A lot of cities have their own store, but you can also check them out online. During the back-to-school shopping season, they have really inexpensive shipping rates, which usually end up costing you less money to order online than it would cost, in gas, to go to the physical location. In the hustle and bustle of back-to-school shopping, that’s definitely a store worth looking into!

Good luck parents, and kids, do your homework.

About the Author:

Evan Fischer is a freelance writer and part-time student at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. He enjoys writing about the latest tech news for a variety of companies and discovering new and innovative gadgets. Evan Fischer is also a contributing writer for Sidepon, where you can find 10% off coupon codes in addition to a variety of others that you can apply towards your favorite brands.

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