Shuffle Grand Prix Game Review

Former American professional stock car racing driver, Jeff Gordon, said, “I think fear is what keeps us from going over the edge. I mean, as a race car driver, I don’t think what makes a good race car driver is a fearless person. I think it’s somebody comfortable being behind the wheel of something that’s somewhat out of control.” In this game, control is an illusion. You can equip your vehicle for speed, throw down traps to slow down your opponent, and even sabotage an engine or two. In the end, what will win the race is random lucky outcomes and close calls. Continue reading

No Escape Game Review (prepublished version)

The Titan space station was considered a modern marvel. A place for brave men and women to live in safety as they traveled through the darkness of space. Sadly, budget restraints required some “creative thinking” when it came to building the station. Corners were cut, loopholes were found, and some safety inspections were ignored. Now the inhabitants of the station are running for their lives, looking for a way off before they crash into the planet or explode. Did I mention only one player will survive? Yeah, they could only afford one escape pod… Continue reading

Santa’s Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam Game Review

If the stories are true, Santa has a lot of elves at his beck and call. With so many happy workers, you just know there are problems underneath the festive surface. The elves have their own rivalries and compete to be Santa’s “Top Elf”. Even the smallest task becomes an aggressive competition. In this game, the Holiday Spirit hits hard and plays for keeps. Continue reading

Amber Route Game Review

Amber can be used in jewelry, perfumes, and medicines. No wonder merchants are willing to risk the open road and dark forests to bring their amber to the market. But the roads have become more dangerous as of late. Monsters and supernatural creatures can be found stalking travelers. Sighing, you start walking. No one ever said a merchant’s life was easy. Continue reading

Dino Race Game Review

Paleontologists have not discovered anything to suggest that dinosaurs had an advanced culture. No evidence of buildings, cell phones, or hot dog stands from the time of the dinosaurs have been found among the fossilized remains. Another question yet to be answered is if the dinosaurs played organized sports. In this game, you get to participate in one of the oldest sporting events in the pre-history of the world. Continue reading

Dragon Racer Game Review (prepublished version)

Dragons were once feared, but they are now domesticated and adored. Some households even have dragons for pets. You and others breed, train, and race dragons. It’s the ultimate sport that brings man and dragon together to form a single team. You must trust your dragon completely as your dragon trusts you. This is a race where speed matters, but speed alone won’t win you the cup. You must think fast, think smart, and work with your dragon or you’ll be left far behind. Continue reading

Quicksilver Game Review

To worldly explorers, ocean liners are a well-known method of travel. To those who keep abreast of current trends, ocean-bound ships are passé. The new craze is airships and they are simply wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that many of the upper class (and a few undesirables) have purchased airships of their own and now race them for Queen, Country, and bragging rights. You have joined such a race and now look to make a name for yourself. Continue reading

Disc Duelers Game Review

When I was a little geek, I played Paper Football with my friends during our lunch breaks and out on the playground. The game required a sharp eye, a cool head, and surprisingly strong finger flicking skills. This was my first tabletop Action/Dexterity game and continues to be one I enjoy today. There is something about games that allow you to physical interact with your opponent and game bits that I find satisfying. In this game, you need to be able to duck and dodge, using strategy and tactics to win. Much better than Paper Football. Continue reading

Get Bit! Dolphin Die Game Expansion Review

As you swim through the ocean to the rescue ship, your heart is full of dread as you see the shark fins circling closer and closer. Fear pushes you as you know an attack could come at any moment. Suddenly, a shark charges and you can see its teeth below the waves! Seconds before the shark reaches you, a dolphin smashes into it! The dolphin saved you this time, but it’s best not to rely on luck or tempt fate. SWIM! Continue reading

Get Bit! Squid Die Game Expansion Review

You can hear the splashing of water and the screams of your fellow castaways as you swim like mad to the rescue boat. You have already been bitten by one of the sharks, but your will to survive and fear drives you on. Ahead of you is the ship and its crew who shout words of encouragement. You pause a moment to catch your breath and scream in terror as you see a giant squid come to the surface. Becoming a pirate was a poor life choice… Continue reading

Get Bit! Deluxe Game Review

You have been trapped on the small island surrounded by endless ocean for what feels like years. You and the other shipwrecked crew are surviving, but every day is a struggle. Then, on the horizon, a ship is spotted! You light your signal fires and the boat approaches! Now all you have to do is swim to the ship, but the water is full of man-eating sharks! Steeling your nerves, you plunge into the surf in a desperate attempt to survive. Continue reading

Zeppeldrome Game Review (prepublished version)

Man has always looked to the sky and marveled at the birds in flight. It was only a matter of time before we left the ground and soared in that space between Heaven and Earth. Now man has conquered the Great Blue and flies in large airships, such as Dirigibles, Zeppelins, and Blimps. Some fly for the freedom and some fly to explore. You fly to win. You are a pilot of a racing airship and your next race looks to be full of competition. Do you have what it takes to win? Time to find out. Continue reading