Now Boarding Game Review (prepublished version)

Oriville Wright once said, “No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris.” I wonder how he would react to today’s busy airline industry. With passengers demanding time in the sky, a pilot is always busy flying from one spot to another all around the world. In this game, you’ll be spending your time attempting to please the passengers while still trying to keep your plane up in the air! Continue reading

Zeppelin Attack! Doomsday Weapons Game Expansion Review

Countless experiments and failures have finally resulted in success. You now have a weapon of incredible destructive power that will ensure your superiority in the skies. But what’s this? A message has arrived that states your nemesis has a new experimental weapon, too? How could this be? Spies! Yes, of course! You think it’s time to find this spy and conduct some “live fire” exercises with your new weapon. Continue reading

Zeppelin Attack! Game Review

Only fools fight for land. The real prize is the sky above. True freedom can only be found between Heaven and Earth. Some wage war to claim it as their own, while others struggle to keep it open to all. Giant airships circle above like sharks waiting to swallow smaller prey. And in a way, the sky is very much like the oceans below. You must fight to survive and there is safety in numbers. Ready your parachute and load your gun. It’s time to fly or die. Continue reading

Quicksilver Game Review

To worldly explorers, ocean liners are a well-known method of travel. To those who keep abreast of current trends, ocean-bound ships are passé. The new craze is airships and they are simply wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that many of the upper class (and a few undesirables) have purchased airships of their own and now race them for Queen, Country, and bragging rights. You have joined such a race and now look to make a name for yourself. Continue reading

Expedite Game Review

They say the sky is the limit, but this is not technically correct. The sky, in this case, is just the beginning and the means to achieve your goals of global influence as a world airline power. Before you is the map of the world and each country represents a destination and opportunity. If you connect the people, the money will follow. But you have fierce competition and what you own now can be taken from you. Nothing is certain. Time to fly the not-so-friendly skies! Continue reading