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Social Media and Peer Pressure

In recent years, the means by which society interacts has changed drastically. Forty years ago, talking to someone halfway around the world was inconvenient and costly and required careful scheduling to be certain that the two parties were both available. Now, a person only has to sign onto a computer and go online to chat with someone on the other side of the globe. While the most popular methods of social interaction for children and teens may well have changed, one aspect of such interaction that has not changed is that of peer pressure. Continue reading

Learning Conflict Without Hostility Through Gaming

When I was a kid, I wanted to conquer the world. Through the game of Risk, of course, not actual global conquest. I loved Risk. I played the game every day at family reunions, and I was always trying to get friends to play. As I got older, and played more games, I started to realize that an individual’s goals can conflict with other players’ goals without the need – or possibility – of hostility. And so, I went about to design such a game. Continue reading

Teaching Your Kids the Joys of Tech Hacking

Tech Hacking is a unique new way for families to bond. It can be the perfect project builder for people who have a little bit of computer or technological savvy. The basic idea behind Tech Hacking is to take apart some type of device and rebuild it into a new and improved, or in some cases, completely different gadget. The concept is to disassemble an existing device and find a way to recreate it into something new. This can be the perfect project to share with your kids. Continue reading

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Toy Review

Little ones will enjoy these toys for several reasons. First, moving parts always intrigue children. With the vehicle mode, geeklings will be able to roll and crash their way to discovery. Second, with the robot mode, they will enjoy playacting and storytelling. If you relish your own memories of the Transformers, these toys are a simple way to pass on your Cybertronian love. Continue reading

Understanding Google’s App Content Rating System

Smartphones and tablet PCs with the ability to download apps are becoming more and more common. Letting our children play with our smartphones or tablets while in a waiting room, or the car, is becoming more and more common, too. Here is an in-depth look at Google’s new rating system and how it can best be used to shield your children from inappropriate content. Continue reading