Zombie Dice, Take 2

I was informed by a fellow father geek that I stated Zombie Dice was my least favorite game of 2010 (according to the Dice Tower podcast, episode 195). This is a true statement.

My experiences with Zombie Dice in 2010 were not good. The game was (in hindsight) poorly explained to me and I never thought to go read the rules for myself. When I saw Zombie Dice at a local game store, I tried to play it with my two oldest boys but it fell flat (again, because I didn’t understand the rules).

Fast forward to January 25th, 2011. I find myself trying the free Zombie Dice app mentioned in the Dice Tower podcast, episode 196. I downloaded it, played it, and loved it. What I was playing was a much better game. I read the rules and immedtly changed my mind about the game in general. Will Zombie Dice do a complete 180 and become the the best dice game in 2011? I highly doubt it.

In short, I am willing to give Zombie Dice another toss. (oh! see what I did there?)

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