Scrapyard Warriors Game Review (prepublished version)

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so the old idiom goes. In other words, what is useless to one can be exceptionally useful to another. A broken clock, for example, can yield springs and gears. A broken microwave can provide a magnetron and a capacitor. The point is, just because something is broken doesn’t mean it isn’t still useful. A product’s value might increase tenfold by simply breaking. And for a creative mind, all those parts can be collected and used to build something fantastic. All it takes is a little imagination and a scrapyard of junk becomes a smorgasbord of limitless possibilities! Continue reading

Jungle Ascent Game Review (prepublished version)

It is said a mighty and long-lost civilization of great wealth and power took all their treasure and knowledge and put it on a very high shelf where no other civilization could reach it. And there is stayed while all the smaller and less advanced civilizations looked up and wanted it much like a 3-year-old wants a cookie. Centuries later, brave explorers have found the proverbial shelf on which the treasure was placed. It was located on the very top of the Cliff of Frab, which was located in the deepest part of the most remote jungle of the world. Now, standing below the cliff, a team of explorers looks up and begins to ascend its dizzying heights. In their hearts they know that only one can claim the treasure, and so, they race to the top and let nothing stand in their way! Continue reading

Among the Stars Game Review (prepublished version)

Not too long ago, space was a battleground. Many fought and died among the stars. That time has passed and peace has been declared by all the warring races. In an effort to keep the peace and establish meaningful relationships built on trust and trade, the new governing body known as the Alliance has ordered all space-faring civilizations to build space stations to be a beacon of peace and friendship in the darkness of space. You have been hand-selected to represent your race and construct such a space station. You have limited time and resources, but you must succeed for the betterment of all. Continue reading

The Great Heartland Hauling Co. Game Review (prepublished version)

The nation might stretch from sea to shining sea, but it’s the black ribbon of asphalt that keeps it tied together. On these roads travel the men and women who keep commerce and goods flowing. There is always a demand to be met and the only way to do so is to get it there as efficiently as possible. Every trucker is attempting to do just that, but there are only so many goods to go around. Keep your eyes on the road and the prize, as you attempt to be smarter and faster than your competition. Continue reading

Dragon’s Bard Game Review (prepublished version)

The only things standing between a dragon’s wrath and the people of the Kingdom is a bard. But not just any bard, the Dragon’s Bard. This individual wanders the lands in search of great stories about great people doing great deeds. He collects them, memorizes them, and then makes the journey to the dragon’s lair. There, he tells the tales he has learned to the great and powerful Khrag, a dragon of legend who is to be feared. If Khrag is pleased by the tales, the Kingdom is saved for a time. If the dragon is not entertained, the lands will burn. Continue reading

Hirelings: The Ascent Game Review (prepublished version)

And just like that, the Heroes were gone. When the smoke cleared, all that remained was a pile of ash, a helmet or two, and the toothy grin of the dragon. The Hirelings stood there in shock and horror. Nowhere in the “Hirelings Helpful Guide of How To (3.52 Edition)” is there any mention of how to handle this type of situation. The dragon locks its yellow eyes on the Hirelings and the answer to what should be done next is as clear as a summer day. RUN!!! Continue reading

Fallen City of Karez Game Review (prepublished version)

It once was the greatest city known to man. It was said that the walls of Karez were made of gold and all those who dwelled within them were blessed with prosperity and health. But those are just stories and the city is now nothing more than ruins. By royal decree, the leaders of the greatest Guilds have been summoned and given one command: rebuild Karez. Such an opportunity promises great wealth and personal gain of power, but it’s a balancing act and a deceitful one at that. Outwardly, the Guilds must appear to be working for the greater good of the Kingdom and their King, but secretly they work to further their own goals. Only by working together can the Guilds rebuild the fallen city of Karez, but they must fight each other to rule it. Continue reading

Pixel Lincoln Game Review (prepublished version)

Great Scott! Dastardly ne’er-do-wells have tinkered with the very fabric of time and space! The balance of existence is at risk and only one man can save us! Calling President Lincoln; you are needed! Equipped with only his wits, surprisingly amazing athletic ability, and a beardarang that defies logic, Lincoln boldly brings the fight to the enemy! If he succeeds, we are saved! If he fails, say good-bye to reality and what promised to be an important political career. Continue reading

Ace of Spies Game Review (prepublished version)

Espionage is a game where betrayal is a given. This makes it a lonely game for all to play, as there are no friends you can trust. The only thing you can depend on are your enemies because you know where they stand. No, it’s your supposed friends you have to be careful for. That nice waitress at the corner cafe and the kindly old man who feeds pigeons in the park could all be agents. The only way to survive is to be quicker, smarter, and more paranoid than everyone else. Welcome to the game, agent. Continue reading

Famous Zombies Game Review (prepublished version)

Zombies are among us and only have one thing on their rotting minds – eat the living. Of course, humanity won’t be going down without a fight, regardless of the odds. And the odds, well, they aren’t good. No matter! You must lead those who would follow you and take out the undead hoard before they get you! Later, when the survivors scramble back to camp, you can drop some names and boast about the more popular undead you took down. Never mind it cost you 10 or so “volunteers” to do so. Continue reading

Top This! Game Review (prepublished version)

Top This! is certainly not breaking any new ground, but it does a great job all the same. The pizza theme it uses as its background and base is perfect for the medium in which it is played. While the game won’t be winning any prestigious awards for complex and deep game play, it is sure to deliver fun and light entertainment. Continue reading