Ace of Spies Game Review (prepublished version)

Espionage is a game where betrayal is a given. This makes it a lonely game for all to play, as there are no friends you can trust. The only thing you can depend on are your enemies because you know where they stand. No, it’s your supposed friends you have to be careful for. That nice waitress at the corner cafe and the kindly old man who feeds pigeons in the park could all be agents. The only way to survive is to be quicker, smarter, and more paranoid than everyone else. Welcome to the game, agent. Continue reading

Famous Zombies Game Review (prepublished version)

Zombies are among us and only have one thing on their rotting minds – eat the living. Of course, humanity won’t be going down without a fight, regardless of the odds. And the odds, well, they aren’t good. No matter! You must lead those who would follow you and take out the undead hoard before they get you! Later, when the survivors scramble back to camp, you can drop some names and boast about the more popular undead you took down. Never mind it cost you 10 or so “volunteers” to do so. Continue reading

Top This! Game Review (prepublished version)

Top This! is certainly not breaking any new ground, but it does a great job all the same. The pizza theme it uses as its background and base is perfect for the medium in which it is played. While the game won’t be winning any prestigious awards for complex and deep game play, it is sure to deliver fun and light entertainment. Continue reading

Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas Game Review (prepublished version)

The game is very much like RoboRally in the sense that is makes the players think ahead and visualize what the game will look like in the near future. I personally love games like this and Pirate Dice is no exception. Each game is different, even when playing with the same opponents. The random map set up and the random available maneuvers makes each game feel fresh. I couldn’t be happier with the game and expect it to become one of the top pirate games played in my house for many years. Continue reading

Legend of the Lost Dutchman Game Review (prepublished version)

Every roll of the dice is important, every exploration is worth undertaking, and the threat of the game ending before the players want it to make the game into an enjoyable “rush” that will keep them on their toes and pushing their luck to be the winner. Legend of the Lost Dutchman is going to be a wonderful game for families and the Gamer Geeks who are looking for a fun game that provides enough meat to chew but never enough to choke on. Continue reading

Shadow Days Game Review (prepublished version)

Based on the easy game play, the outstanding art, the fantasy theme, and the unlimited replay, this game is going to be a hit, not only with my little geeks, but also with my Gamer Geek crowd. The game has it all and I predict it will be a popular request at my gaming table for a long time to come. Which is fine, because I love playing it. Continue reading

Cartoona Game Review (prepublished version)

Cartoona is one of those games I wish I had growing up. It is challenging and open to creativity, encouraging the players to act freely. I very much like how the game uses important geek skills in a light way, making the game a fun and easy one to play, but it also establishes the base on which more complicated games will eventually be played. Continue reading

Fleet Game Review (prepublished version)

I greatly enjoy Fleet and find it to be a challenging game that plays light and has a great deal of replay value. The random game set up and Boat cards in your hand will always keep things new. There are enough different ways to play the game to make changing strategy and tactics a worthwhile venture but not so open as to make it impossible to consider all your choices. The easy game play also makes it accessible to a wide variety of players. Continue reading