Dance Until You Can Dance No More!

I spend a ridiculously amount of time on the computer. I can’t help it; it’s my job. I’m either looking at email, answering email, looking at architecture documents, drafting architecture documents, reviewing data, and the long boring list of nothing even remotely cool enough to make into a TV movie goes on. That is why I am always tickled whenever I find something that breaks the monotony of it all and makes me smile so hard I whimper.

Whenever I do find something that I really enjoy, and is little geek friend, I make it a point to show it to my children so they can enjoy it, too. More times than not, this gets me in trouble with my goodly wife as my sense of humor is borderline insane. However, my little geeks love it. In the end, the cheers and laughter of my children outweight the eye rolling of my wife.

Sorry, babe…

The latest bit of coolness that I found is this wonderful little animated video with a dancing animal. My little geeks and I will dance like crazy to it, and when it is done, a chorus of “PLAY IT AGAIN, DADDY!” rings through the air! But why should my family be the only ones to have all the fun? Here’s the video for you to boggy down to with your little geeks the next chance you get.

Remember: we only have a short time with our children before they move away and start families of their own. A frighteningly short time. Make every moment count!

Video can be found on YouTube if it does not play. Stupid technology…

Editorial Note: BIG thanks to reader, Mr. Josh Davison, who finally solved the mystery for me regarding who that little animal was. Turns out it is Teemo the Swift Scout! Thanks, Josh!

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