Monza Game Review

In this game, each player takes on the role of a race car driver looking to win the “big race”. While speed might seem like the best answer, any veteran race car driver will tell you that using your head is just as important as using your gas peddle. Racers! Start your engines and buckle up for fun! Continue reading

Order’s Up! Game Review

It’s rush hour at the local diner and that means it’s a mad dash race to be the first to feed all those hungry customers! This game is fun, fast, and will leave you feeling full and satisfied when you push away from your family gaming table. Plus, a bell you can ring as hard as you want! SCORE! Serve me up an extra helping of this goodness and let’s get our game on! Continue reading

Trash-Talk 101 for Your Little Geeks

Once you and your little geeks get past the rules and the game mechanics become “transparent” (that is, the point where your child is actually able to start exercising tactics and planning out their strategy rather than focusing on what part of the gameplay process is next), then is is time to add a new level of fun and strengthening the emotional coping skills. Continue reading

Synonyms Game Review

This game is like a lot of other word games you see out in the market these days. They use the English language to drive the game forward but the game itself seems almost like a secondary concern. This does not make Synonyms a bad game, but the game itself would have been much more interesting and fun if there were some ground breaking or even clever mechanics built into the game play. Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Letting Your Kids Win (or Not)

There is a burning question that rages through the hearts and minds of parents everywhere when they play games with their kids. Simply put, should the parent, with their years of experience, knowledge, and advanced skills, allow their kids to win a game or two? Or is that a bad thing? Read on, intrepid soul! Continue reading