Dice Tower of Epic Awesomeness

If you roll dice even a little bit, you know those things have a tendency to roll around and off the table. I cannot and care not to remember how many times have I bent over to view the rolled results of dice that have tumbled off the game table and then argue, feverishly, the legality of a “table dropped roll” with fellow geeks.

Thankfully, the problem is not mine alone as it plagues every individual who has ever had the great fortune of playing any game where many, many dice are involved. In response, dice trays and dice towers were invented and made available to the masses of gamers crying for release from their dice chasing torment. And while dice trays are nice, the dice tower is truly where “it be at”.

Almost all dice towers have the “tower” portion which is a vertical hollow with several slanted shelves on the inside that “tumble” the dice for maximum randomness. These dice then spill out into a tray located at the bottom which catches and contains the dice. Dice tower designs range from the exceedingly functional to the insanely artistic. I thought I had seen it all until a good friend of mine passed me the following animated image.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, “I want one”. It is even made out of LEGO blocks! I’ll be crawling through the Interweb looking for directions on how to build my own, you can be certain. If you beat me to the punch, leave a comment below with the URL to the instructions!

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2 Responses to Dice Tower of Epic Awesomeness

  1. Jax says:

    If you can get them, apparently the instructions are on a Dropbox. G to this page: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/52290/lego-dice-towers and look for about comment number 9 to the first poster. The username is Cate. In case you haven’t found it yet.

    • Cyrus says:

      Much thanks for the link, Jax.

      Folks should know, before they click the link provided in the forums, that you are technically signing up for Dropbox and giving the original poster referral credit for doing so. I didn’t bother to fill out the form as I found it sneaky and, frankly, don’t have the time to make the dice tower shown.

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