Twisty Little Passages Game Review (prepublished version)

Hungarian inventor, architect, professor of architecture, and the creator of the Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik, said “When you are studying from a book, lots of people go straight to the end to look for the answers. But that’s not my style. For me, the most enjoyable part is the puzzle, the process of solving, not the solution itself.” Suggesting that the path to the puzzle’s solution is the adventure. In this book of puzzles, you take on the role of a spy who must risk it all to save the kingdom from a powerful evil. Each step is a puzzle to solve and a danger to encounter! Continue reading

Pathfinder RPG: Horror Adventures Book Review

American author, H.P. Lovecraft, said “Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.” In this book for the popular roleplaying game (RPG) Pathfinder, those dark and disturbing places can be visited. All that is necessary for the Game Master and their players to traverse the dark places of the world can be found in this one book. Dare you venture into lands no man was meant to travel? Continue reading

Explorasaurus ABCs Book Review

Actor Matt Smith (most notably recognized for his role as the 11th Doctor Who) said, “As a kid, I knew all of the dinosaurs. It’s one of those tragedies that I’ve forgotten what dinosaurs are cool.” I never forgot. It’s the Triceratops. That creature was a tank on four legs with horns ready to ruin a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s day. As adults, we still remember our love of dinosaurs and now we get to share our fascination with our children, whether they want to or not. Continue reading

Mythos ABC Book Review

H.P. Lovecraft, and those who later expanded his work, documented unspeakable horrors that are difficult to imagine and have impossible names. The most well-known is Cthulhu, but there are countless others that many readers know nothing about. This book seeks to obliterate such ignorance by warning humanity of the hidden dangers by cleverly disguising itself as a children’s book. Continue reading

Wee Beasties: Bedtime Book Review

Even the biggest of dragons were once small hatchlings. Those horrific beasts that hunt in the dark woods, terrorize villages, and gobble up children were once kids themselves. It’s easy to forget that the biggest and baddest of monsters started out small and cute. In this book, you get to glimpse the “early years” of several fantasy beasts, which are not so different than our own. Continue reading

Even Pretty Girls Fart Book Review

While I cannot endorse Even Pretty Girls Fart to another parent, I have no problem suggesting it to a little geek. Reading is more than just a means to educate oneself. It is also meant to entertain. This book certainly does that based on the chuckles I hear from the other room whenever my little geeks read the book. Put it in front of an adult, and they simply don’t understand the story or its intent. Put it in front of a little geek, and they all but applaud. Continue reading

The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists Book Review

A guide to very cool science experiments and various projects for Parent and Child Geeks looking to improve their mad scientist skills. Creepy castle, monster, and lab assistant not included, but don’t let that stop you. With 25 science experiments covering a wide range of topics, you and your little geeks will be thinking scientifically in no time! Continue reading

Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Album (1979)!

The 1979 Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album, illustrated by Greg Irons and written by Gary Gygax, is now available for you to go grab and share with your little geeks! Stop what you are doing…well…finish reading this first, but then stop what you are doing and go grab the coloring album! Continue reading

Nerni Invents Clock Book Review

Nerni Invents Clock is a simple children’s story with whimsical art that depicts a young gnome inventor named Nerni. Nerni loves to invent things and eventually focuses her attention on inventing a clock to help her keep track of time. Not being satisfied with just any old clock, Nerni’s inventive natures compels her to improve her creation. By doing so, Nerni invents a clock that is a bit too smart for its own good. Continue reading