AnimaLogic Game Review

Your animal park has been in a drought for over 8 months. When the rain clouds appeared on the horizon, even the animals looked hopeful. But when the steady downpour kept getting harder and harder, hopes changed into fears. The river is rising and you have been sent out into the park to rescue the animals. The majority of animals have already been saved, but a few remain. The lions, camels, giraffes, and hippos have been gathered together, but there is only a small bridge to safety that is dangerously close to being swept downstream by the flooded river. You must cross the animals quickly and in an orderly fashion before they stampede. Your mother told you there would be days like this… Continue reading

Celestial Rainbows Game Review

Dorothy told us that a better world was over the rainbow and the rumor persists that a pot of gold can be found at the end of one. Rainbows have been and continue to be sources of wonder, beauty, and inspiration. Despite being nothing more than a refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by moisture in the air, we continue to see it as more than what it is. Truthfully, seeing colors in the sky is pretty darn cool, but are rainbows magical? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome. In this game, you can create your own rainbow of magical delight with friends and family. Continue reading

Space Sheep! Game Review

Working together as a team can be difficult, especially if you don’t agree with the direction the group is going. Communication is key, as is the ability to be diplomatic. Despite what you might believe, you don’t know it all and you are often the last one to realize it. In this game, you’ll have to work together to solve a puzzle, but you don’t have a lot of time to attempt it. Work quickly and with each other to obtain victory! Continue reading

Metacell Genesis Game Review

When the scientists created life, they marveled at their accomplishment. Ten years later, the very life they created now threatens the entire universe. You have been chosen to battle the Metacell, a complex organic life form that will consume all that exists. To help you prepare for the battle ahead, a simulation has been created that will test your strategy and tactics. Look for opportunities and never back down! The universe is depending on you! Continue reading

Gridstones Game Review

Edward de Bono said, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” But a human mind cannot help but look for and establish patterns as part of its process of incorporating information. Cause and effect are two essential principles that help us learn and adapt. In this game, you must find the patterns, but at the same time, break them to find what you are looking for! Continue reading

Quartex Game Review

The human mind sees patterns in everything. We are hardwired to make associations with what we encounter in our daily lives, be it a person, a place, or a thing. This helps us make choices by matching something new to something we already know. In this game, every piece of the puzzle you add will make the “big picture” all the more difficult to observe. Get ready to think hard and see patterns where none yet exist! Continue reading


It started with a fever and a call from a small town physician. You were sent to investigate and do some paperwork – nothing major. What you found was far more dangerous than expected. Two of the townspeople were running loose and reports that they were dead before they walked out is rather alarming. You make a quick call and the town is quarantined. The world outside might be safe, but the town and its people desperately need your help. Continue reading

Block Builders Game Review

One of the earliest toys many of us played with as kids were simple building blocks. We’d stack them on top of each other to build a tower and giggle hysterically when they toppled over. There was a simple joy in that kind of play that we have a hard time recapturing as adults. In this puzzle solving game, we get a chance to play with blocks again, but this time, there’s a twist. Or better put, a hinge. Get your mind ready and dust off your imagination. It’s time to play. Continue reading

Craniatics Puzzle Game Review

We keep our body strong by running, lifting weights, and doing other exercises. This helps us stay healthy and look crazy good in a swimsuit. But we can’t take our brains to the gym. Or can we? Working with puzzles is the equivalent to putting your brain on a treadmill. By forcing your brain to think differently, new neural pathways are created and the dust that has settled on your mind is removed. Grab your water bottle and let’s do some heavy brain crunches! Continue reading

Botchee Deluxe Game Review

Puzzle solving is a great way to exercise the left and right side of the human brain. A puzzle solver must be analytical and creative at the same time, especially when the puzzle being solved is a race. Flex your mental muscle and find or create patterns in this puzzle game where rolling the dice is optional! With five different ways to play and room to create your own puzzlers, this small pocket game could be a big hit for puzzle game lovers. Continue reading

Paradox Box Toy Review

Some say that “Life” is a mystery and a puzzle to solve. Some say that you’ll never understand the opposite sex, as they are an enigma. I have even heard some state that the hardest riddle is the United States tax code. Regardless of what form the puzzle might take, there is no denying that the Human Mind loves a good puzzler. Perhaps it’s in our DNA to seek out difficulty and challenges to overcome. Or, maybe we are gluttons for punishment. Either way, this puzzle cube will intrigue and infuriate you. Continue reading

Meta-Forms Game Review

Mixing colors, shapes, and logical thinking, Meta-Forms challenges the player to correctly place puzzle pieces on a 3×3 grid by following illustrated clues that provide all or just some of the information needed. By thinking logically about each piece, deductive reasoning, and elimination, the puzzles can be solved. The more difficult the puzzle, the less information is given, but each piece placed is a step in the right direction. Through trial and error, each puzzle can be solved and the game won! Continue reading