King’s Ransom Game Review

Chess is a game that fills some with dread, some with boredom, and many with excitement. It’s a game played around the world, in grade schools, playgrounds, and in homes by the young and old alike. Cards and card games are even more popular and are much less intimidating. You are more likely to play a card game than a Chess game on any given occasion. Imagine if you could blend Chess and cards together. Would get something made of elements that represent the best of both games or something entirely different? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Metacell Genesis Game Review

When the scientists created life, they marveled at their accomplishment. Ten years later, the very life they created now threatens the entire universe. You have been chosen to battle the Metacell, a complex organic life form that will consume all that exists. To help you prepare for the battle ahead, a simulation has been created that will test your strategy and tactics. Look for opportunities and never back down! The universe is depending on you! Continue reading

Gridstones Game Review

Edward de Bono said, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” But a human mind cannot help but look for and establish patterns as part of its process of incorporating information. Cause and effect are two essential principles that help us learn and adapt. In this game, you must find the patterns, but at the same time, break them to find what you are looking for! Continue reading

Journey Stones (Boxed Edition) Game Review

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Life is a journey, not a destination.” As we grow older, experience new things, love, laugh, cry, and hurt, we learn. We become more than what we once were each time we take a step forward. The definition of success is personal and highly subjective. For some, it’s wealth and for others, power. In this game, success is survival. Continue reading

LightSpeed Game Review

In the blink of an eye, your world could change. Nothing is for certain. We plan and we scheme, but all it takes is one unknown to throw everything off. But the human mind quickly adapts. New challenges result in new solutions. We overcome obstacles and persevere when everything to the contrary suggests that failure is the only possible outcome. In this game, every choice could lead to disaster or a brilliant opportunity, but victory is never certain. Continue reading

Worker Placement Game Review (prepublished version)

You consider yourself an optimistic opportunist. That’s why when the economy took a hit, and lots of highly skilled individuals were out of work, you saw nothing but profit to be gained. You have started your own Temp Business and are now seeking to fulfill lucrative contracts. Of course, so are other entrepreneurs, but a little competition can be healthy, right? Train your employees well and you just might be able to beat your competition to the finish line! Continue reading

Quartex Game Review

The human mind sees patterns in everything. We are hardwired to make associations with what we encounter in our daily lives, be it a person, a place, or a thing. This helps us make choices by matching something new to something we already know. In this game, every piece of the puzzle you add will make the “big picture” all the more difficult to observe. Get ready to think hard and see patterns where none yet exist! Continue reading


It started with a fever and a call from a small town physician. You were sent to investigate and do some paperwork – nothing major. What you found was far more dangerous than expected. Two of the townspeople were running loose and reports that they were dead before they walked out is rather alarming. You make a quick call and the town is quarantined. The world outside might be safe, but the town and its people desperately need your help. Continue reading

City Center Game Review

According to Jane Jacobs, an American-born Canadian writer and activist with primary interests in communities, urban planning, and decay, “There is no logic that can be superimposed on the city; people make it, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans.” If such is the case, then all that we live in and around is ours to control and define. This includes traffic jams. In this game, planning and timing is essential for success! Continue reading

Castle Danger Game Review (10th Anniversary Edition)

In this abstract game of strategy, players must move and defend at the same time. Walls must be constructed to protect and sometimes demolished to advance. Cannonballs can target seemingly unreachable units that are a long way off from the battle line, and the limits of space will require players to consider the value of each of their pieces. In the end, the player who can balance and optimize the fastest will win the war! Continue reading

Crowns Game Review

When two Kings meet on the battlefield, both sides know that only one crown will survive. After preparing, strategizing, theorizing, and planning, the two Kings meet each other on the field of battle. Their choices both before and during the warfare will determine the winner. One will rise triumphant while the other will fall in defeat. Continue reading

Rise! Game Review

Before you stretches a land ready to be claimed! The only problem is, there isn’t much land to start with and you have a pesky neighbor who is looking greedily at what little land there is. What should you focus on first? Exploration? Building? Or maybe you’d like to squash the competition and drive your opponent into the sea? Be a warlord or a peaceful explorer. Build architectural marvels or crash them to the ground. All things are possible if you are skilled enough to rise to the challenge! Continue reading