Ninja the Mission Force: Better Than Real Life

The Father Geek inbox gets a lot of mail nowadays. Subject matter ranges from review requests, questions from our readers, and so much SPAM we could put Hormel Foods out of business. I look through it all to make sure I don’t miss any opportunities and kindly responding to those who took the time to write to me. Today, the inbox was sent an invitation to take a look at a project that was described as “a bunch of twenty-somethings, mostly dudes, getting together to shoot some online videos.” Most of the time, I would stop right there, but then they said “Ninja”. Intrigued, I continued…

What was being “pitched” to me was nothing more than a FYI. Turns out some geeks got together to create a parody series, but with the goal of not using any sexual content, poop jokes, questionable language (within PG-13 limits), or gratuitous violence. The crew and production team wanted to produce something that was not only entertaining for adults, but worthwhile to watch with the whole family. I was, as you might expect, skeptical.

The project is titled “Ninja the Mission Force” and it is created using dubbed-over old movie clips, really bad acting, terribly low-budget props, and a plot so riddled with holes it barely has substance. And yet, it is brilliant, hilarious, exceedingly creative, and a genuine treat to watch. The sarcasm is over the top but always done tastefully and there really is a notable focus on creating something that is just “good clean fun”.

With Ninjas.

I’ve watched everything that is currently available online and my little geeks and I cannot stop laughing. It’s worth looking into, at the very least, and will most certainly cause you to smile more than once. Just don’t expect any award-winning acting or dialog, but the geek detail and geek love is beyond measure.

The first series (10 episodes) is available online for you to treat our eyeballs to. Go to and watch them all for free. You can even purchase a DVD of the episodes if you want to own them and finally have a DVD worth bringing to your next game convention or geek gathering. Admit it, you don’t have any. And if you do, then this message was clearly not meant for you, was it?

Want to learn more? Here’s the trailer. ENJOY!

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