Monopoly zAPPed Edition Game Review

The classic game of Monopoly jumps into the 1st century of the 3rd millennium by merging modern technology via the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with the tried-and-true board game and bits. By doing so, the game takes itself into a new direction by providing mini games and electronic fund transfers, giving the players a new game experience without upsetting the game balance. But not necessarily for the better… Continue reading

Codigo Cube Game Review

If you’ve got time to sit, you’ve got time to play a new trivia game that can be played just about anywhere. All you need is a smartphone, a couple of players, and the Codigo Cube! Roll the dice, scan it in, and answer the multiple choice questions. The game will keep score for you, freeing you up to enjoy the game with your friends. Roll, scan, think, and win! Continue reading

Bubbling Math Video Game Review

This video game (available on the iPad and Mac) will provide your little geeks with a mathematical challenge as they attempt to win prizes. The game also allows the parent to audit their little geek’s progress and adjust the level of difficulty if required. This should please the Parent Geek as a useful educational video game tool. But with a world filled with flashy and exciting video games, will a math-based game with a boy wizard magically charm your Child Geek? Continue reading