In Review: Father Geek’s Monthly Newsletter (June 2014)


Greetings, Geeks!

My little geeks are out of school and enjoying their new-found summer freedom. Like most adults (other than the smart ones who went into education), I don’t have a summer break. My oldest son takes great delight in reminding me how long he gets to sleep in and not do anything all day if he wants to. Of course, I give him jobs to do. Pick up dog poop, pick up your toys, do yard work, etc. Take that, kiddo!

June is going to be a very busy month for my family. We have sold our house and will be moving into our new home starting June 20th. Note I say “start”, as I fully expect to be living out of boxes and bags for the next couple of months. It’s surprisingly easy to put all your belongings into containers, but devilishly hard to put those same belongings in a new home.

Since I will be spending most of my time and energy moving my family, the number of reviews released this month is going to be smaller than normal. I have five on deck and hope to release a few more if time allows. All site improvement activities have also been put temporarily on hold until I get my life back to a normal routine.

In other news, I contributed to an article on titled “Geek Love: Why the Next Generation of Nerds Is Cool Now“. Give it a read, won’t you?

Coming Up in June:

Last Month’s Reviews:

My thanks, as always, for reading the nonsense that I write.

Roll High and Duck Low!

Your buddy,

Father Geek

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